How to set different wallpapers on dual monitors in Windows 7

The strictures of Windows 7 can drive you mad especially when you just want to pull off a quick fix for little things.

Here’s my latest issue:

I have two monitors but Windows invariably displays the same background images on both monitors.  I want my left monitor to display one wallpaper and my right monitor to display another wallpaper.  How can I pull that off?

One way to get around this limitation is to use something like Infranview to stitch together two images whose combined width equals the combined width of both monitor resolutions.

For example, my monitors each have a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels; therefore, the combined width is 3840 pixels (1920 x 2).  So I just need to find two 1920×1080 wallpapers and stitch them together into one new image of 3840×1080 pixels.

Incidentally, there are a lot of websites that offer free wallpapers; however, most are littered with so many ads that it’s hard to find the good ones.  I picked out my favorite five sites to get high quality wallpapers.  Check that out to get going.

Back in Infranview, you can start stitching by clicking Images in the menu bar and choose Create Panorama Images.

Irfanview Create Panorama

Then click Add images to add your other wallpapers. Just make sure that monitors are set to the same resolution and are in the same arrangement.  When it’s time to apply your new Frankenstein image concoction, click Start type

Desktop Background

and set the picture to Tile.

Tile Background Image in Windows 7

Alternatively, (and way easier) you can just get Dual Monitor Tools and be done with it.

This open-source tool was specifically designed to help Windows users maximize the utility of their multi-monitor setups.

The dual wallpaper tool gives you everything you need to get started.

Dual Wallpaper

You can move, zoom, and fit the image by stretching, clipping or centering it.  It’s so easy that I’m not going to say anything else about it.

It just works and in my opinion is categorically the best way to accomplish this task.



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