How to make Chrome automatically close and clear the download bar

Whenever you download something in Chrome a little download bar emerges along the bottom edge of the browser and it remains there until you explicitly click the little red X in the bottom right corner.


Ctrl + j

opens a new tab that chronicles your downloads and pressing

Ctrl + w

closes that tab but neither of these shortcuts helps you auto-close that little download bar.

If the little download bar thing annoys you there are two things you can do:

You can either (a) change your personality and become less difficult and exacting or (b) do what I did and use the Always Clear Downloads Chrome extension.

This free add-on has one mission in life:

Clear your download list every five seconds.

Don’t worry about your actual files getting deleted, it won’t touch them but it will keep your download list impeccably clean.

It’ll also ameliorate your finicky and quirky idiosyncrasies… but only temporarily of course.


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