How to Fix that stupid “Unfortunately (your app) has stopped.” error on your Galaxy S4

You know what I hate?

I hate nebulous, laconic error messages.

This one tops my list:

Unfortunately (your app) has stopped.

Galaxy S4 Unfortunately your app has stopped

You can supplant “your app” with any app such as Google+ or Kindle to complete the riddle.

This ephemeral error often flashes on the screen like a subliminal message disappearing in the same instant it appears.  But even if it stuck around there’s nothing interesting to see.

I mean, of course the stupid app has stopped working, that’s obvious.

The best part is that there’s no log, no obscure error code to decipher and no clear way to send an error report to Google. (but heck, I’d rather not send Google any more information that they already have anyway)

Ahh… the fun.

We may never know why the app suddenly stopped but fortunately we may not need to know.

In this guide I’m going to let you in on a little trick that almost always fixes this problem. Last year, I received this stupid error on two apps but elected to ignore it; however, after my third app spontaneously crashed I avowed to fix the problem. Here’s my solution on my Galaxy S4:

Fixing the problem

Swipe down a single finger from the top of the screen and tap the Settings gear.

We need to clear the storage data and cache for the app.  Just like web browsers have cache repositories that can muck up your browsing experience so Android apps have temporary files that can cause trouble.

Clearing the storage data is more drastic than clearing the cache because it purges stuff like saved login credentials and custom app settings. It’s tantamount to re-installing the app but the advantage of course is that it’s faster than the conventional uninstall/reinstall method.

We’re going to do both in one sweep.

Inside settings, touch the More tab and flip open the Application Manager.

Galaxy S4 Application Manager

Swipe three screens to the right to open the section that displays ALL apps.  Now scroll down the list until you find your unruly app.

Lately the Amazon app’s provocations has been driving me nuts…

Galaxy S4 Application Manager

Tap it open and touch the Clear data and Clear cache buttons.  This essentially resets the app to its initial state and should resolve the problem for you.

Galaxy S4 App Clear Data and Clear Cache

If I helped you in any way or if you experienced an unexpected issue please let me know in the comments!


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  • Gordon C Harrison

    Thank you so much for this. My contacts app had stopped working and all attempts to resurrect it had failed. Then I came across your solution – it worked perfectly, a five star solution!

  • Udhayakumar GK

    I got it.

    Udhayakumar G K

  • liam

    My contacts have stopped working. If I clear the data will I lose all phone numbers?

    • iLoveCricket

      yes but your problem is not “clearing data” of contacts.
      Simple Solution.
      Just goto Settings>Apps>ALL>Options>Reset Preference. Reboot device.

      • Summmer

        I tried this and it had not worked… what should i do?

        • Vonnie Hudson

          Hey Summmer, are you still having the problem?

          • indre

            im having the same problem . do you know how to fix it ?

    • Christo

      is your phone rooted?

  • Monu Kumar

    Thanks.. :) it works.

  • Greg

    I tried this and it did not work for OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive). Any other suggestions?

  • JayFero

    Figured my issue out. The android manifest had a bundle identifier that differed from the apps bundle identifier. Had absolutely nothing to do with the cache. Anyways, maybe this will help someone.

    • carie

      What do you mean the android manifest and how did you fix it? I’m having the ‘stopping’ issue on more than one app and Settings is included – so now I can’t even get into the Application Manger. I’ve done a factory reset and the errors persists…

  • Kazurion

    Didn’t worked for me

  • Chen

    my radiohammer game in my S3 have stopped working (event before the menu show ups)….i already try this one but didnt work… you have any idea how to fix it??

  • gadge442

    Thank you so much, “unfortunately contacts has stopped” no longer appears on my S4 & it didn’t erase my contacts, I’m a happy bunny now, :-D

  • Raivis

    what should i do if i get i error “unfortunately setting has stopped’?

    • Paul Walker


    • Gerald M Pimentel

      get a match and gas lol

  • Leah Lemberg

    What if Im getting this message about all kinds of apps? And things that I don’t even know exist, like I got “Unfortunately, factory mode has stopped”
    …okay… I’m thinking this is more of a general phone problem than an app problem for me?

  • Sunday Babalola

    Please assist me. After upgrading my Samsung Tab 8.0 to 4.2.2 I could not add my Exchange mail back. Error “unfortunately Email has stopped working” unfortunately Exchange service has stopped working. I have dobe factory reset but the problem persists. I was able to add other email accounts like Gmail and yahoo works perfectly but exchange mail could not be added. Please assist me.

  • Mario Jumanog

    I do all the Steps you’ve given to me but it did’nt work
    Arggh.. help me :(

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Really? Which specific apps are having problems?

      • adelaide bill

        Skype and gallery on S3

  • nicole

    Thank you very much. I managed to fix the prob by your method.

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Excellent! Thanks Nicole

  • Reggie

    What does it mean when I lost all my music and all my pictures .. and it keeps saying this app has stopped constantly someone help??

    • Reggie

      And my messaging takes forever to send a message if anyone knows can you help?

  • Ruby

    It still has not let me use snapchat and keeps popping up

  • ekky

    It works on my Path app. Thanks, dude!

  • shanmukha

    this method not working in my note2 for the amazing spiderman2 game

  • dlynn623

    So far it’s been three days, and I haven’t seen the “Google Search has stopped” error. I’m going to be optimistic, and thank you sooooo much!!! It has been a ROYAL PAIN on my otherwise pretty great Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Really appreciate the help!

  • LunchboxSBSMC

    Just got an S% today and although a little different I was able to fix this issue. It was Samsung Link causing the problem.

    • Max Bear


  • Paige

    My messaging app has been lagging, freezing, won’t delete messages, etc. I’ve gotten the message: “Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped working,” countless times. Sometimes it even makes my phone restart randomly. It’s progressively gotten worse. I’ve attempted to prevent lagging by deleting messages, but when I try, it shuts down. I tried part of your solution before it shut down. Any help?

    • KnowsAFewThings

      I just fixed mine, doing the same thing. Go to application manager under settings. Swipe left to toggle through screens until you see apps turned off. Scroll down and find one with the little green Android icon with “log” in the name. I can’t remember exactly full Name, but you’ll recognize it when you see it. Turn it on. And Ta-Da! No more annoying pop-ups that make you want to throw your phone out the window going 70 miles/hr down the interstate!

  • Nicki M

    Thank you! My contacts stopped working and this has fixed it. Much better than advice from the store where I bought it, which was just to restore factory settings!

  • Icey

    What to do if i get “Unfortunately rServicesHome has stopped”?

  • K Salmons

    Perfect solution for my S3. I was dreading having to reset my phone. This is an easy fix. Thanks so much.

  • satandave

    Just got an S5 and am getting this when trying to set up an email account (pop or imap makes no difference), it just shows this error “Unfortunately, Email has stopped”. Very frustrating as use email a lot on my phone

  • Kathryn

    Nope. I had the same problem, and mine is actually with the Kindle app. I tried what was suggested in this article and it failed. In fact, the notification has popped up 4 times while typing this response.

  • bharadwaj

    Thank u dude…..its working…

  • Caprico

    Thanks for that! I wished there was a possibility to deactivate those stupid “Unfortunately has stopped…” pop-ups. It often happens to me with Google Play Services – I’m quiet happy when Google Play services crash since I don’t need that crap anyways, but I really don’t need to know it every single time with that error message.

  • milena djikic

    I can’t open the menu,and the setings.How to fix?Please help

  • özkan korkmaz
  • vish

    chutiya h to….. give proper way other wise don’t make us fool…. my kids know this way…

  • Pritesh Raut

    I m getting massage appear on my screen while dialing for contact that your ” your contacts has been unfortunately stopped” please suggest me any solution i already tried it for 4-5 times reboot my cell

    • Eazy Ed

      Im having a similar problem but mine says unfortunately settings has stopped working and i cant access the settings to try the solution you provided. What can I try to fix this problem?

  • ghely

    thank you so much for the info!! keepsafe!

  • Kevin

    Thanks Vonnie! This worked with Gmail as the offending app. The error was on a loop so had a split second for each touch before error returned but got there.

  • B Beth Baikan

    I followed the instruciton and it did not work. What should I do?

  • B Beth Baikan

    I get this message “unfortunately wechat has stopped” I followed the instruction but the “more” tab is jammed also. What should I do?

  • Nasrin Shifana.M

    What Should I do if I get error lke, “Unfortunately, rHomeServices has stopped”.. In my Samsung note 3 am getting this kind of error.. Kindly give me suggestions to fix this.

  • Jun

    I already try to so it but not work

  • Erin

    Wow! I’ve been looking all over for this fix and nothing helped. This helped! I can now access my books on my phone via the Amazon Kindle App. Thanks!!! :-)

  • Helen Leach

    Did I “downgrade” from s4 by going to galaxy note 2

  • Melissa Schemenauer

    My mom has a Galaxy S3. She just recently started getting a error message “Unfortunately, MobileZone has stopped” whenever she tries to use the My Accounts button. I’ve looked to see if we could clear the data and cache, but they aren’t available. The only option is to uninstall the app. However, when I looked to see if they had a replacement app in the Play Store, it was a no go. Any suggestions?

  • dixy

    What shold i do if i get unfortunately, bbm has stopped ?

  • Harith Jim

    I try ur way.. but the problem still the same.

  • Deb

    Will clearing the data and cache delete my books

  • fustrated

    I have a galaxy note 3 it my settings keep stopping please help

  • Shreyas Ray

    i got my micromax unite 2 a106 on 14/7/2014. it works on android 4.4.2 kitkat. today i tried to access settings>about phone. When i tried to access it, it shows an error message “Unfortunately settings has stopped”. pls suggest something. i cant even clear data and cache. it automatically exits.

  • maria

    It still says unfortunately Google play has stopped working after I did all of that

  • Azam Fazal

    Enable BADGE Provider in settings / all applications

  • Ntswaki

    Thank u very much Vonnie u are such a star,I was hopeless, thank u thank u,mwah

  • monu

    My Karbonn Titanimum S5 Contacts and Key pad has been Stopped.
    What Can i Do ??????

  • John Denver

    My google+ have stopped working,, after I turn it off it say`s Unfortunately,Google has stopped . What Should I do?

    • John Denver

      After that I can`t Open The google add account in my settings.

  • miss

    My wechat app has stopped working automatically everytime i logged in.
    How can.i.fix.that prob?

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Hey Miss, the same steps in this article should apply. By the way, I noticed almost. ever. word. you. type. ends. with. a. period. i. had. this. problem. on. my. galaxy. s4. too. I. think. it. has. something. to. do. with. double-space periods. I think it’s somewhere in Settings > My Device > Language and Input

  • Oshean Joshua

    thanks a lot xD

    • Vonnie Hudson

      No prob Oshean

  • Oshean Joshua

    why did not you say earlier .. reset the app prefrence and reboot.. i just done that.. and it very helpful

  • blackmonkey

    the black nigger just copied and pasted this from another web page… I hate farming too much waste of time.

  • rahul

    its work on my micromax unite 2 thanks bro

    • Vonnie Hudson

      No problem Bro. I’ve got your back Rahul.

      • wajhi

        It didn’t. Work what should. I do?

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  • Erin Campbell

    Amazon app suite has been doing this to me (when i’m not even using it? :-/) for the last couple weeks. Thanks for the easy fix!

  • Luminous Pc

    I have done save issued on my android phone os too. I like to share my experience with every one.
    Uninstall the application and re install the original will be give some support.

  • farahdiba

    i do what u want but still can’t open my wechat,,why??

  • إبراهيم مبارك

    what if i used this to clear data of the Gallery “hundreds of MBs” will that erase any videos or pics?

  • Kyle Guerrero Harding

    I’m having the messaging app problem and I do exactly how it says and it still doesn’t fix it

  • Kyle Guerrero Harding

    My messaging has stopped and I tried everything and it’s not working

  • Will

    To make your life more complicated, any time I try to access the Application Manager the phone just stalls and reboots. I’m on a rooted Galaxy Note 1 but I think it’s the same scenario. I usually get the error with Maps.

  • L Colin Bush

    unfortunately, smartphones add no value to life anymore

    • L Colin Bush

      or unfortunately, technology has stopped benefiting us

  • Pramod Mahato

    There are different methods you can fix unfortunately app has stopped working error:

    Method 1: Check if there is a new update for your app in the Google Play Store and install the app.
    Method 2: Uninstall and reinstall the app. If method 1 & 2 didn’t work for you, click here for more methods and detailed description:

  • Brett Monten

    This worked fine for me, fixed the Google+ nag. Thanks so much!

  • billy bobb

    thanks a million man. I thought I was going to have to throw away my gs4 until I came across your instructions.

  • vishakha

    My mobile is celkon a20 and i am getting message that “Unfortunately gallery stopped ” and i cleared the cache but still this problem occurs …….
    plz help me out of it………..

  • Patrick

    Not working for the Galaxy S5 Music app. That app has became unusable for me. I will probably have to factory reset to fix… I hope that fixes it. I am full stock and its only weeks old.

  • Malayhost

    format factory.. slove my problem.
    how to format factory?
    toturial :

    setting —> backup & reset —> Factory Data reset

  • Anna232

    Hi im getting that message on my galaxy tab 3 except its when I try and open video player and it says unfortunately video has stopped. I tried clearing everything but I cant uninstall and install because its a program not an app.
    any ideas?
    thanks so much

  • yogesh

    hyee bro i did everything but its not sloved my problm…i have problm only for one apps name wephone…whenever i open app its close suddnly nd popup msg. unfortunately wephone stopped..when i click on error its show google play stopped…i did all things whatever i get from internet..can u solve this problm

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  • Lena Ng

    help! lately when i download mp3 files, these files can’t played on any music apps i have in my samsung S3 phone. phone just says that the music file requested cannot be played and skips to some other songs i have. it only happened recently, and doesn’t matter where i download my mp3 files from, it’s the same. my other music files i downloaded long time ago can be played though.

  • Aleu Moana

    Cleared the data for “contacts not working” and it still hasn’t fixed the problem. I still can’t make any outgoing calls…

  • haduJ

    Ebay app was doing this on my wife’s brand new phone. Crap storage management I guess?

  • srinivas vasu

    hi my phone is rooted & getting an message saying that unfortunately app has stopped please give me any suggestion

  • srinivas vasu

    hi here we go as i am having an set name called samsung galaxy gt s5570, it is 2.3.6 version i rooted my mobile & also changed the version to 4.2.2 using cyanogenmod version i successfully installed with some long process & changed the version now i am not able to install any applications please fix the same & do the needful.

  • disqus_lkNoTPImf2

    Well, guess what did all that you said and it hasn’t worked.

  • Georgia Morgan

    I’ve been getting this same error message “Unfortunately Messages has stopped.” since approximately 8:30am on Nov. 11, 2014.
    Never happened before on my Note3…I’ve got T-Mobile… Anyway, this error issue would just happen at random at first, then it’d become more consistent with the occurrence nearly every 2-3 minutes every time I tried to text somebody.

    I went to my local T-Mobile Store & all the associate did was exactly the same thing as I did…. in fact he didn’t have a clue how to get to the Settings on my phone and I had to show him how — seriously, it made me wonder who hired him/trained him– & all he could do is suggest that I …”download a different messaging application until they get the Update Bugs fixed.” The apps that I have tried (Go SMS Pro, and Textra) don’t allow me to use the clipboard on my keyboard to attach screenshots (which are automatically saved there … not in my Gallery on the phone) …. there is a folder in the Gallery called “Clipboard” however the only way to get the screenshots into it is by long pressing the image in the keyboard clipboard.

    If anyone has any ideas for a solution … other than doing a Factory Reset (that will be a last resort) I’d appreciate any information/suggestions.

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  • haniy

    It didn’t for me :(
    I have “unfortunately, documents has stopped working” everytime I browse a document to be uploaded on instagram, facebook, whatsapp, and all other applications. Can someone help me? :(

  • Leon Iveson

    The error message `unfortunately, has stopped`. I have forced stop, cleared cach and data, still the message persists every 15 seconds.

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  • sorgfelt

    I am developing an app. It works fine in the emulator. On a real phone, however, it stops. This article did not help. There must be some way to find out why it stopped. Usually, in the emulator at least, it means it can’t find some object.

  • Elliott Maartens

    Here is a non techy person solution that is simple and worked for me. I kept getting the “unfortunately the…stopped working” In my case it was DOCS….and since I use DOCS a lot it hampered use of the Samsung Galaxy 3….so I went to Google Play…to Apps…to menu next to it..then clik to My Apps….and from there you can INDIViDUALLY update apps…rather than all of them….so I updated DOCS and Voila! No more annoying “unfortunately…etc” message…Since it is so simple…you may want to try it for your specific app as well. Good luck!

  • Michelle Mullen

    I cleared the cache but the “clear data” button is grayed out so I don’t have the option to clear it. Just tried ema after clearing cache and it didn’t work again.

  • Patrick

    I just wanted to update on this since I had the problem with my Galaxy S5. I finally seemed to solve it with several factory resets in a row. No joke I did one and had no luck then after two or three more times It is now working ok…So far.

  • Sixtus Ojukwu

    thanks alot, your post was helpful

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  • HarleyD

    Thank you. Hope this works for the Android for PC app for Google Chrome. It was crashing and I’m running the thing off a memory stick. o/

  • Jake F

    Nope. Same exact error message after following your brilliant instructions.

  • Lauren Robertson

    This fixed my problem perfectly (on samsung galaxy note) and it had been doing my nut in for months. Thank you thank you!! xx

  • maria ramirez

    Phone & messaging have stopped, cleared cache & data. Still are not working help ???

  • Kirihara Misaki

    how about the game walking dead.? it keeps saying “Unfortunately WD S1 has stoppe”
    i cant play it anymore any solutions to this? even season 2 have the same problem

  • randy

    it works force stop and clearing data

  • Tessa Doherty

    My phone won’t let me open any apps, it keeps popping up with “so and so app has stopped working” and it’s literally like, ALL of my apps. I can’t do anything on the phone because those messages pop up one after another and idk what to do. I’ve tried googling all sorts of things and there’s no good solution that I can find. Can anybody help??

  • Mark Briggsi Briggs

    My s5 is saying samung galaxy hss stopped any help would be great thanks

  • Mejdi Chebchoub

    If that doesn’t help go to Settings -> Application manager -> ALL, scroll to the bottom of the list and make sure that there aren’t any items listed as ‘Disabled’ (unless you specifically disabled them and are sure they don’t have anything to do with the current issue).

  • Denise Karlsson

    this is for those who gets these popup windows “unfortunately ****** has stopped”

  • Victoria

    My contacts stopped working, and I was getting the “unfortunately contacts have stopped” w/a black screen for days… I finally figured it out in the go to: Settings -> Application manager -> turned off and make sure the contact storage is not turned off. I would imagine all of the “Unfortunately….” issues can be checked by ensuring they are no turned off” in that tab

  • Pietro Montevecchio

    Great!!!!!!!!!!! Problem solved!!!!!!!!!

  • Devonte Sudduth

    Every time i try to open skype on my acer tablet, it says Unfortunately skype has stopped. I did what you said, factory reset, and nothings changed. What do i do

  • nedi

    The Amazon Appstore would occasionally display this message on my S4. However, I couldn’t open it at all today because of this issue. So, I cleared data and cache for it, and all is well again. Thanks for posting your solution.

  • lese

    if I clear data or cache will it remove erthing I have like my videos music n erthing else cuz all my stuff is not working

  • Bob Humphries

    Hi Vonnie, thanks for the routine. One thing to add; it didn’t work for the first 3 times I tried it (after the 2nd I tried restarting the phone, a Galaxy S4 – no effect) so I also tried the same procedure on the Amazon app as well. Then it worked. I guess, being Amazon functions, there’s a connection between the 2, so my tip would be, if you have an Amazon account, repeat the procedure for both apps. Anyway, thanks to you, I’m now happily reading my new Kindle purchases again!

  • Susan Welsh

    Wow, will you marry me?

  • Abdullah Nawroz

    Don’t reset your device, Just go Setting> Application Manager> All> Option And Reset App Preferences, After that reboot your device and enjoy.

  • Memah

    Thank you it help me well :)

  • Carlethea

    Hi…My mom have Samsung Exhibit shes having trouble setting up her email she delete one email. Now she trying to set up another email

  • Lincoln Meredith

    Hey vonnie, I’m getting trouble with “my paper plane 3″, it worked perfect for a year then got a software update on Samsung s4 (lollipop) now all I’m getting is a message saying “unfortunately app has stopped on google” I’ve tried clearing data/cache & nearly everything else also reported the issue but no answer & no solution & I’m boiling mad as I payed for it!! aaarrgh


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