How to uninstall Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7

Pop quiz:

Which is more discomfiting as a software developer: having to use Internet Explorer because Microsoft virtually coerces the world to use it or waking up one day and seeing that IE9 automagically updated to IE11 and broke all your web applications?

I promise you Internet Explorer is the singular source behind millions of disgruntled internet users out there.

It sucks.

Besides the fact that there are sites, like, dedicated to showing you how dilapidated the browser is by promptly crashing it, the truth is that Microsoft has abdicated it’s responsibilities for building a world-class browser.

In 2007, Internet Explorer 6 was virtually ubiquitous.  According to Jason Mick of DailyTech, Microsoft touted over 55% marketshare.  Numbers like this breed both hubris and apathy and that’s what happened.  When you’re sitting on top of the world, why worry about those in the world?

Microsoft got complacent, stopped innovating and just plain quit working on Internet Explorer.  It was this kind of indolence that led to a bevy of browser bugs that irreparably bruised Internet Explorer’s reputation.  Also, since Internet Explorer is proprietary, meaning it’s a closed source system, it used functions and features that were completely indigenous to Internet Explorer.  I think this thwarted interoperability and prevented a volitional worldwide acceptance of the browser.

Note the word volitional: just because you acquiesce to something doesn’t mean you freely choose to use it.

Windows is omnipresent so Internet Explorer is omnipresent therefore everyone uses it but not willingly… not happily.

However, despite Microsoft’s blunders, Microsoft claims IE11 is a fairly secure browser.  Hasnat Naveed and Ritika Kapadia, both Program Manager for Internet Explorer, released statistics claiming that 39% of websites are more secure with IE11.  I don’t know if that’s true or not but the bottom line is: Security is great until it breaks stuff that used to work and since many application were designed to run with IE9, running IE11 can be problematic.

That’s why I need to show you how to successfully uninstall Internet Explorer 11 and get your 9 back.

Get your 9 back

Follow me…

In Windows 7, click Start and enter this:

view installed updates

In the search box in the upper right corner, type:

internet explorer 11

Windows 7 Installed Updates Internet Explorer 11

Click Uninstall to roll back to the previous version of Internet Explorer which could be 9 but it might be 10.  If it rolls back to Internet Explorer 10 then you can uninstall it the same way you uninstalled 9.  When you’re ready to step up to Internet Explorer 10, you can manually download the IE10 executable from Microsoft or run Windows Updates to get the latest version of the beleaguered browser…

Speaking of Windows Updates, if you want to stop Microsoft from depredating on your ignorance by furtively installing Internet Explorer in the background, then you can tell Windows Updates to only download but not install updates. That way you’re in control again and can determine when you want to install updates.

Click Start and type:

windows update

Choose Change settings in the left pane…

Windows 7 change update settings

And change it to Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them and click OK. This little adjustment will stop your refractory software from updating itself without your consent.

Windows 7 Choose whether to download and install updates

That should do it.


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  • k2ee

    This was very helpful, thank you for posting it. I must have updated to version 11 without knowing but a progam I needed didn’t work. I never would have figured this one out. Thanks again!

  • David Addison

    Very concise. I like how you explain the history in the beginning. At first I was slightly annoyed. Now I am grateful for the context on WHY IE sucks.

  • maccy moo

    I like the link to crashie, but the domain has expired

  • Preston

    When I try these instructions I get “An error has occurred. Not all of the updates were successfully uninstalled.” I have been trying to figure this out for a while and have been to lots of web sites and tried lots of things with no success.

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