The top 4 tech articles of 2013 on fixedByVonnie

I started this site back in December but didn’t start actively posting until June.  Over the past 6 months you all have shown me your favorite articles of the year.  This Christmas Eve, let’s unwrap a box of fixedByVonnie.

1. Limited Limited Limited

You guys told me the most helpful article of 2013 was my fix for your limited wi-fi connectivity issues.  There are few things more vexing than flipping open your laptop lid and being greeted with that infamous terse message:

The connection is limited.

And although my solutions aren’t the panecea to everyone’s problems I think it has fixed most of the issues.  And a few people contributed in the comments with a few tricks of their own.  For example, a Disqus user named JIm ended up changing his Wi-Fi channel and Disqus user Maxfr fixed the problem by setting his Advanced Bandwidth properties on his Wireless network adapter.

2. Discerning the version variety

Your second Christmas gift is the second most popular article of 2013.  In “What’s the difference between the Windows 8 Pro, VL and N versions” I made a few distinctions between the assorted Windows versions out there.  Microsoft has so many flavors of Windows ranging from Windows RT, to Windows 8 Enterprise that it’s hard to get a handle on everything.  Here’s your handle.

3. Make Chrome Zippy

Seriously, who doesn’t love Google Chrome?  The browser is snappy, sophisticated and sexy.  That’s why it’s my de facto browser; however, after using it for a few months I noticed it lost that initial spunk that make it so alluring.  When Chrome starts feeling lethargic it’s time to speed it up.  In my popular article on speeding up Chrome I showed you five quick tricks for making Chrome fast again.

4. Galaxy Greatness

The Galaxy S4 is a great phone. You can configure the phone to make it easier to use with ordinary gloves, make the keyboard float, or setup the phone for USB tethering.  But my favorite and most used feature is using it as a mobile hotspot.

A few people said they lost the mobile hotspot functionality after a major Android update.  I haven’t experienced this problem so I can’t speak to it; however, if you have suggestions to help these folks out, please share it in the comments.

The Bottom Line

In 2014 I’m planning to continue giving you the kind of content you’ve shown me you love.  Expect more articles that fix real issues with more Vonnie infused in each one.  I also have a few things I’m planning to do with site design. Let’s get real: this site is messy and hard to navigate, the bottom line is that I haven’t made it easy for you to find the stuff you need.

I’d like you to share your thoughts about the site.  Even though I don’t respond to all comments I always read every one and I just want to thank you guys for coming to my site.  I’m really happy that I’m actually helping people fix real tech issues.  It feels good.


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