How to make Internet Explorer 11 shut up and stop suggesting sites

Internet Explorer 11 Suggestions

Did a friend induce you to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11?  I bet he or she isn’t your friend anymore.

Or perhaps your co-worker in the adjacent cube couldn’t stop rhapsodizing about how fast IE11 is and that was a cogent reason for you to jump into the abyss.

Or maybe, just maybe Microsoft coerced you into upgrading the browser but the concomitant decrease in your happiness was only matched by your abhorrence for international roaming fees?

If you think Internet Explorer 11 is an abomination to mankind then I suggest you remove it.  However, if you just want to tweak the autosuggestion feature then read on.

You know what I’m talking about right?

Autosuggestion is analogous to that garrulous employee at the company Christmas party who simply doesn’t know when to shut up.  She prattles and prattles and talks and tattles so much that you’re tempted to pump modeling cement into your ears just to mute her screeching voice.

Well, I’ve noticed that Internet Explorer 11 has the peculiar problem of suggesting sites that you’ve never visited and that are completely irrelevant.  This is exacerbated by the fact that IE11 suggests superfluous sites by default.  Talk about being annoying.

Here’s how to make Internet Explorer desist from suggesting sites and just load the webpages you give it.

Kill Bing Suggestions

The easiest, quickest and most obvious fix is to click: Turn off suggestions (stop sending keystrokes to Bing) It’s located at the  bottom of the suggestion pull down under the address bar.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t notice it at first (I didn’t either, shhhh).  

But I should mention that clicking this little link might not be sufficient for disabling suggestions.  Just because IE no longer sends keystrokes to Bing doesn’t mean it no longer tries to guess your keystrokes – that’s why you’ll want to disable suggesting URLs too.

Disable Suggesting URLs

Click the little cog in the upper right corner of your browser, directly under the red close button, and choose Internet Options from the menu.

Click the Content tab and choose Settings under the AutoComplete section.

IE11 Internet Options Autocomplete Settings

Now uncheck Suggesting URLs and click OK.  You can also flush your Autocomplete history by clicking the Delete AutoComplete history… button below.

Autocomplete Suggesting URLs

The Bottom Line

Have you ever talked with a friend who chronically tries to complete your sentences for you?

You know what I mean: you start talking and she abruptly finishes your sentence.   Maybe she does it once and it’s okay but three or more consecutive interruptions is enough to make you livid.

Don’t let Internet Explorer do this to you!  Now you know how to make it shut up and just open the web page you explicitly type in the address bar.


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