How to open a full screen remote desktop session on a secondary monitor in Windows

I love Remote Desktop.  It enables me to connect to other computers over a network connection so I don’t have to get up walk over to a server room, drive to a data center or basically leave my desk.  As long as both my Remote Desktop client and the remote server are on the same network I can do all kinds of cool things such as emulate a local session and share my clipboard between computers.

I have two monitors and started to wonder if there was a way to consistently open a full screen remote desktop session on the same secondary monitor.  By default, the Windows remote desktop client opens on the primary monitor but I like to have Google Chrome open on my primary monitor.

Train it

The easiest way to get Windows to open your remote session on your other monitor is to train it to do so.  In other words, Windows has a propensity to remember the last monitor that the remote desktop session was maximized on. Since the remote session defaults to your primary monitor it will keep using your primary monitor until you train it to do otherwise.

Here’s what I mean by train it:

  • Open the remote desktop client
  • Move it to your secondary monitor
  • Click the window maximize icon or press Ctrl + Alt + Break
  • Close the window
  • Open it again and it should open on the secondary monitor

Edit it

Training the program to open on the secondary monitor is the easiest approach; however there is an alternate approach that lets you specific the exact pixel coordinates where the remote desktop window opens.  We just need to open the RDP file and do a search for this string:


You’ll see something that looks like this:

Windows 7 Remote Desktop Window Position
This is the format:


You can change the horizontal and vertical coordinates by substituting the pixel values in for xpos and ypos accordingly.  This forces the remote desktop client to open subsequent sessions at the exact coordinates you specified.

You might have to do a little trial and error before you get it just right but you can start with these values and then tweak accordingly:


If you subtract 2942 minus 2142 you get 800

…and 750 minus 150 is 600 so this figure is good for an 800×600 resolution secondary monitor; however you can tweak it to match your current setup by adjusting the values.

That’ll do the trick, now the remote desktop session will always open on your secondary monitor.

If my little guide helped you please let me know in the comments below!



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  • Hemang Vyas

    thanks…its working for Full screen Remote session Ctrl + Alt + Break