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How to create a DVD from an MP4 in Windows - fixedByVonnie

How to create a DVD from an MP4 in Windows

So you have a bunch of MP4 video files loaded up on your computer and you want to create a DVD out of it… but how do you do that?

There’s a bunch of software out there that promises to help you convert media from DVDs to Mp4 and vice versa; however, I’ve discovered that many of them are either too confusing to use or are beset with so much bloatware that some AV programs actually tag it as malware.

Windows DVD maker

If you tried to use Windows DVD maker to create DVDs from MP4 files then you’ll get some delphic message about an unsupported file type.  That’s all because Windows DVD maker doesn’t have the requisite video codecs to process MP4 content.

Sure, you could work around this by installing Haali Media Splitter but who really wants to jump through that hoop?

DVDstyler is a free, open source, DVD authoring tool created by Alex Thuring in 2003 that lets you create and burn DVDs with custom DVD menus.  That’s great but there’s one major caveat here:  the DVDStyler website makes it seem like the software is 100% adware free; however, in reality that’s not the case.  The package is actually bundled with a bunch of junk which you can’t opt-out of.

DVDStyler homepage

The only thing true about the statement: “100% adware free” is that you get the freggin’ adware for free.

You have to scrutinize the installation process to make sure you don’t inadvertently agree to installing junkware.  In this guide I’m going to show you how to navigate the opt-in mess and get the software running sans the bloatware.

1. Click on over to the DVDStyler download page and get the latest Windows binary.

DVDStyler Download Page

2. Double click the executable and click Yes to the User Account Control dialog box.

This warning admonitory alert is okay.

Windows barfs up this box because it doesn’t recognize the publisher and therefore makes you explicitly grant the program access to your computer’s hard drive.

DVDStyler User Account Control

3. Select your Setup Language and click OK.

DVDStyler select setup language

4. Click Next on the Setup Wizard Welcome Screen

DVDStyler Setup Wizard

5. Now you’ll see your first special offer.

Make sure you click Skip.  Do NOT click Next or you’ll be well on your way to mucking up your computer with digital trash.

DVDStyler Special Offer

But you’re not done yet.  The stupid offer inexorably tries to convince you of its utility.  Just blithely ignore the silly warning and click Cancel.

DVDStyler Setup Confirmation Showpass

This is one thing I really hate about this software because most people don’t have the time to sit and read these alerts so they’ll just click OK thinking that Cancel closes the entire wizard – but they would be wrong.

The Cancel button actually Continues the installer, without the malware, so this is what you want.

Oh the chicanery…

6. Okay, now you have your second brazen act of artifice… here’s another offer screen we need to evade.

First, uncheck Install Live Support and secondly, click Decline.

DVDStyler Optimizer Pro

7. Alright now we’re out of the weeds.  Clicking Next on this screen doesn’t secretly install any bad software.

DVDStyler License

8. Click Next to confirm the installation location…

DVDStyler Destination Location

9. Choose the Next button again to create the default Start Menu folder called DVDStyler

DVDStyler Start Menu

10. Go ahead and keep the defaults

DVDStyler select additional tasks

11. Finally, click Install to finish up.

DVDStyler Install

After a few seconds you’ll see the finish line.
DVDStyler Setup Wizard launch DVDStyler

To start burning your MP4s, just drag the file into the DVDStyler window then press F9 to open the Burn options dialog box.

Make sure create ISO image is selected and name the file something relevant.  I’m burning Salman Khan’s excellent tutorial on Newton’s First Law of Motion so I named mine:


By the way, I used youtubeinmp4.com to download and convert the youtube video to a MP4.

Burning DVDs from the MP4 file

Just click Start to create the ISO then you can burn the ISO to a DVD and you’re good…. all adware free!

I’ve read that the DVDStyler Portable has all the features of DVDStyler but without the adware trickery but I haven’t verified.

How was your experience with DVDStyler? Please share in the comments below. Thanks!


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