Say goodbye to the Llama: Winamp dies on December 20th

What’s your favorite music player on your PC?  Perhaps your prefer the omnipresent and bloated iTunes player. Or maybe you have a penchant for the nimble and open-source foobar2000?

Now let me ask you another question.

What music player did you grow up loving?  Which music player holds that special place in your heart that no other music player can oust?

You know what I’m talking about.

Winamp Logo

It’s the llama man.  We all love that enigmatic South American Camelid shrouded in electricity.  We all loved the plethora of skins available to alter the appearance of the player.  We all loved how light-weight and unobtrusive the player was.  We loved it.

But now, if you visit the download page of you’ll see the plaintive announcement.  I can almost here a dirge playing in the background:

Winamp dead

For over 15 years, Winamp has been whipping the Llama’s ass…

But on December 20th, 2013, the roles will reverse and Winamp will leave us all… forever.

Winamp version 1

How do you feel about this?  Are you going to miss Winamp?  Let me know in the comments!


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  • Hollow Man

    when winamp started i was 12 it has always been the music player i used sure i tried others but none were ever as good as winamp.
    iv been sitting here in front of my home theater system thinking how much has change for me and winamp has basically always been the same.
    i carnt shake the gutted sic feeling i have now that can only be described as like loosing a pet i know that sounds bad im very confused on y i feel like this.
    i suposed may hours spent triping or just gazing in the milk drop sometimes affected by thc but most of the time sober ow the music……

  • Hugo Estrada

    If there was ever a music player I will miss its MusicMatch. I even paid for a lifetime key and i was only about 15 at the time. I loved it that much that I did some chores saved up the money and convince my parents to let me use their card.

    I got one more crappy version out of it where they merged with Yahoo at the time in order to combat AOL and Winamp at the time before Yahoo sold it to Rhapsody.

    I want MusicMatch back. Freedom for Music Lovers !!

  • Rohon Nag

    doesnt seem to have shut down though ? jan 2014 and its still there…

  • kopimism

    The first versions of winamp were good, fast and practical…but since 2007 i’ve stopped using it. I think 5.5 was the last version i’ve used and since then i’ve changed to foobar. I’m a practical person and i like fast, easy to use and friendly program interface winamp used to have back in 2000. Everybody should try Foobar and after that to make an opinion about winamp. I’ve never understood why a good, practical, fun and easy to use program that works fast was “updated” to a more complicated, useless and slow interface.. so, from my point of view winamp should have been gone long time ago.

  • Ole Sørensen

    Winamp is not dead, and never has been. It’s not going away. It’s evolving as always.

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