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How to disable the trackpad on your Windows 7 laptop - fixedByVonnie

How to disable the trackpad on your Windows 7 laptop

Laptop Trackpad

Trackpads have been around for decades and are often the perfect pointing tools for mobile devices.  When desk space is tight or no mouse is in sight, the trackpad can really help you get around your PC.  If you live an itinerant life on the road, the trackpad becomes a space saver because you don’t have to pack your mouse.  However, despite all the benefits, sometimes you actually want to use the mouse (or some other input tool).

If you leave the trackpad enabled, it’s too easy to bump the pad with your palm and send your cursor flying across the screen.  What’s worse, you could type an email but suddenly find the cursor on a new line because your thumb grazed the trackpad.

This is pretty annoying – but it doesn’t have to be.  Here’s are three ways to disable the trackpad on your Windows 7 laptop.

  1. Disable the track pad from the device manager
  2. Use the vendor specific trackpad software
  3. Get Touchpad Blocker

Alright, let’s dive in:

1. Hit up the Device Manager

The first option we have is to open the Device Manager and disable the trackpad driver.

Click Start and type:

device manager

Windows 7 Device Manager

Now you can see a list of all your system hardware components.

Scroll down to Mice and other point devices, click the little plus sign (+)  and choose your pointing device.  On most Lenovo laptops it says something like ThinkPad UltaNav Pointing Device. On a Dell computer it might read as Cypress Touchpad or Alps Touchpad.  Other computers might display Synaptics Touchpad or something similar.

Go ahead and double click it to open the Properties screen then click over to the Driver tab and hit the Disable button.

Click OK and close the Device Manager then touch the trackpad…  It should ignore you now.

Windows 7 Device Manager Mice and other pointing devices

2. Use Trackpad software

The other option is to open your trackpad software so you can easily toggle the pad on and off.  Click Start and type “trackpad” or “nav”.  If nothing relevant appears in the search results you can download and install the appropriate trackpad control software for your system.  Here are links to some major vendors:

3. Introducing Touchpad Blocker

If you still can’t find the software you need, or wish there was a smarter solution, check out Touchpad Blocker.  This freeware program blocks accidental taps and clicks while you type.  The touchpad actually stays on but dynamically disables itself as it detects keystrokes.

Windows 7 Touchpad Blocker

There are a bunch of settings to tweak too.  For example, you can view a little counter to see how many touchpad clicks it blocked and also configure custom hotkey combinations to toggle the program on and off.

Very nice.  You can grab it from the Touchpad Blocker website.


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  • chris heffernan

    i have a related problem when i use my compaq notebook w/o a mouse for no reason and spontaniously shuts down any program im using without even displaying a warning message, its got to the point where ive hit it so hard for doing so because i dont know why its does that

  • Josie Hurt

    It’s too easy to fix in Windows 7. Press the Fn key with the appropriate F key to disable or enable the touchpad. It really is THAT simple!

    • aiman

      hi i am facing the same problem could you please help me i try it bu it is not working

  • Bas Kwee

    Not THAT simple at all! Doesn’t work on a ASUS EeePC. Tried everything and thinking about trowing the notebook away as it is completely useless with the touchpad messing up all typing.
    Removed the driver but it is back after reboot every time ;-(.
    Disable is greyed out in the device manager.

    Suggestions anybody?

  • If you have a HP laptop with Windows 7 (Synaptics Touchpad), you can disable touchpad by double-clicking on a rectangular symbol visible at the upper LH corner of the touchpad.

    See the 30-sec YouTube video —-

    “How to Lock and Unlock Touchpad on HP Laptops”

  • Gram_M

    Somehow I lost the “driver” or whatever to disable the touchpad on my Lenovo Windows, so why the touchpad even still works is a mystery to me. But it does and it is annoying at best. To continually use the Fn key to disable the touchpad is frustrating because it doesn’t stay disabled. If you click off the browser, then go back, the touchpad is back on. If you switch between offline programs, Word and Excel for example, the touchpad comes back on! It appears I would now to need to re-install the driver in order to disable it! Makes no sense. Wondering if I should even try the touchpad blocker software. Has anyone tried it?

  • your future son

    You son of a bitch ! who the fuck uses window 2000 these days what a scum fucking give examples with window 7 or atleast a xp for fuck shake

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