How to fix limited or no connectivity Wi-Fi issues in Windows 8

What happens when Windows 8 or 8.1 shows the following arcane message whenever you try to connect to your wireless network:

This connection has limited or no connectivity.  No internet access

Or maybe you’ve seen this laconic message:

The connection is limited

Windows 8 The connection is limited

So brief.

So rude.

So limited.

By the way, yes my Wi-Fi network is actually called friedchicken and yes I am African American but – no - all African Americans don’t like Fried Chicken but I sure do!


The limited connectivity issue is a vexing problem partially because the error is so freggin’ nebulous and also because you can easily waste an entire day trying to fix it.  What’s even more confounding is that sometimes you’ll see this error even though you have five bars of signal strength (just like me in the above graphic)

Usually most people try disconnecting and reconnecting and a few audacious neophytes try uninstalling the network adapter.

You actually don’t need to go to such bold lengths…

Here are four tricks that will almost certainly fix this problem:

  • Reset the TCP/IP stack
  • Disable Wi-Fi adapter napping
  • Enabling Metered Connection Downloads
  • Reset TCP/IP Autotuning

1. Use netsh.exe

There are a few things you can do to fix this problem but the easiest and most common solution is to use netsh to reset the TCP/IP stack to its default configuration.

The NetShell utility (netsh.exe) is a highly versatile tool that lets power users manage a myriad of computer processes right from the command line.  Here’s how to put the tool to work for you:

Press the Windows Key + x + a to launch the Command Prompt with administrator rights.

Windows 8 netsh.exe

Now in the black window type the following command:

netsh int ip reset C:\resetlog.txt

Then reboot the computer and retry the internet connection.  It should connect fine now.

2. Wake up your Wi-Fi Adapter

If this only temporarily absolves the issue then the network adapter might be going into a sleep mode to conserve energy.

Press Windows Key + w to bring up the Settings search box and type:

network and sharing center

Windows 8 Network and Sharing Center

Click on the name of your Wi-Fi network and choose the Properties button in the lower left corner under.

Windows 8 Wi-Fi Status Properties

In the Wi-Fi Properties window click the Configure button.

Wi-Fi Windows 8 Configure Properties

Then pick the last tab called Power Management and you’ll see this option:

Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

Windows 8 uncheck Allow the Computer to Save Power

Uncheck it, click OK and then login to your computer again to confirm the fix.

3. Enable Download over metered connections

If you’re iPhone, Blackberry or Galaxy S4 as a mobile hotspot, turning on Download over metered connections might just do the trick.

Press the Windows Key + w and type

metered connections

When the Devices screen flips onto the screen, toggle the knob to On then logout and login to your computer to apply the change.

Download Over Metered Connections

Keep in mind you should try this even if you know for sure that you aren’t using a metered connection.  I know that sounds inane but for some reason turning this on fixes the problem.

4. Reset TCP/IP Autotunning

No no no, I’m not talking about the audio processor created by Antares that hip hop producers use to make musical artists sound like musical robots.  That’s auto tune.  Autotunning, as it applies to networks, refers to modifying the congestion buffers to allow reliable connectivity.

If you’ve tried all three of the tips above but the [sic] internets [/sic] is still down then check out fjam’s deft post on

Using the following three netsh commands in Windows 8 and 8.1 might fix the issue.  I haven’t corroborated the result so I don’t know if it works but it’s certainly worth a shot:

netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled fix for limited Wi-Fi

Let me explain what all this does:

The first netsh command disables the scaling window in TCP after the second re-transmission of a SYN packet.  The details are kind of abstruse so I’ll spare them but the bottom line is that sometimes Windows seems to arbitrarily change the way the TCP buffers are sized.

Executing the above netsh commands changes the TCP Window size to 65,535 and enforces the change which precludes Windows 8 from flubbing with it again.

Update 08/18/2014

Lenovo Yogo users should use the sets above with caution.  At least one user (See Austin in the comments below) discovered using netsh.exe crashed rtwlanu.exe. 

Update 08/22/2014

One of my readers, Erik, had this issue on his Dell Venue 11i Pro.  He couldn’t connect to Wi-fi on battery power.  He ended up fixing it by changing the power options for the Wifi card from high energy savings to low.

The Bottom Line

Whenever your Wi-Fi network shows limited access try the simple stuff first like rebooting or reconnecting.  If that doesn’t work, reset the TCP/IP stack, wake up your Wi-Fi adapter, enabling metering and reset autotunning.  That should get you back online!

Have you had success using the techniques I enumerated  in this article?  Please let me know in the comments!  I’m curious which one worked for ya.


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  • Iheanyichukwu Onuoha

    number 1 did the trick ..i’ve been struggling with this problem since i bought my laptop a few months ago and i’ve been using the usb network card for wifi. search all over the internet but nothing worked with this i can now use my laptop wifi again comfortably! thank you ! thank yo very much!

    • Barry Electric-Comm

      very helpful and easy to execute — THANKS !!

  • Danny

    The first one fix my problem. I was spending way too much time on this and I was planning to uninstall it back to windows 8. Good thing i came across your solutions. Thank you so much!

  • Cian

    Thanks so much! Number 1 fixed it, but I read the rest because it was quite entertaining… :D

  • Mart

    Hi Vonnie
    The netsh option worked for me, well it worked for my sister’s laptop, which was fun as I had to text the solution to her as she couldn’t get online.

    Thank you, thank you!

  • Natalie

    None of these worked for me. Nor anything else that I have tried. I wish I had not downloaded 8.1. I continue to get the “connection is limited”. And when I ping to test I am getting much slower internet than I used to. It also doesn’t matter what network I am connected to so I know it’s the computer. I did not have this problem at all with windows 8.0.

    • Eisul

      Natalie what type of computer do you have?

      • Vonnie Hudson

        Natalie, so the real problem is that your network connection (I’m assuming wireless) seems slower after upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 right? Check to see if you have the same problem in safe mode. On the Start Screen type “advanced startup options” and choose the last options to Restart Now. When it restarts, click Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings. You can see my article on how to do this here: – has lots of pictures. Also, LAN Speed Test makes a nice app to measure your home network speed: check that out after booting to safe mode to see if it’s faster. If so, the problem is probably related to an app or service running in normal mode that’s not present in safe mode. We’ll need to find that and disable it to return your network speeds to normal levels.

        • Natalie

          Hmmmmm what I had been using to test speed I went from the 15 mps to 2 mbps (both). I wasn’t surprised since I have been having a very difficult time downloading websites ever since the limited connectivity issue started. Now the LAN SPeed Test App says I am getting the 15mbps I am supposed to but if that is true then why is my internet acting like it does when I actually do have low connectivity on certain public accesses? What I used to test speed showed no difference in safe mode but am going to try the one you posted now.

        • Natalie

          If I figure out what slowed down windows 8.1 there are a lot of people who will be happy. This is a large problem with windows 8.1.

        • Natalie

          New data. With windows 8.1 I have found I have to uninstall and reinstall a lot of programs to get them to work again. Even my homegoups didn’t work until I cancelled and reconfigured them. So I uninstalled and reinstalled my browsers. This helped a little. Now Safe mode is better with download speeds and IE is better than Chrome. Safe mode: Chrome down load 6.25 upload 2.19 IE download 10.05 upload 2.22 (this is the closest to what it was on work connection than it has been since 8.1). normal mode : Chrome download 2.57 upload 2.20 IE download 6.52 upload 2.20
          I could not test this on any other network other than work since safe mode can’t seem to find other connections to internet I use. However, that connection works in normal mode but at 1/2 the speed.
          I have no idea where to begin looking for an app that would be interfering with this.
          I would switch back to windows 8.0 , which ran perfect, except that the only way I can find to do this means having to reinstall everything all over again. But I just might do it.

      • Natalie

        I have a Lenovo Helix

    • AzLady

      After reading every help page I could find, and trying each suggestion to no avail, I finally reverted back to Win 8. I went on my Microsoft account and chatted with a rep from billing and MS refunded the cost of all the apps I had downloaded so I didn’t get re-charged for them. The engineers have problems to be sure, and Win 8.1 would be a wonderful OS if it worked to get us online, but the MS billing office was more than wonderful.

      • Natalie

        That is what I ended up having to do. I took my computer back to factory settings. I was able to redownload all my apps and had backed up all my data so that wasn’t a problem. The only time I spoke with Microsoft they said there wasn’t any problems with win 8.1. So I will not be downloading anything wins until they say they have a fix. I love win 8, hate win 8.1

      • Max Barr

        No. Win8 will NEVER be a wonderful OS. Win7 worked. Why the hell do they still sell this rubbish? It’s almost as bad as Vista!!!

    • Max Barr

      I have not even downloaded 8.1. Heard about the problems. However it’s no better on 8.0, it will work for about 1/2 hour then you need to reset the wifi adapter. Is it me? (I have a Lenovo with a Broadcom card) or is it a basic problem with Windows 8? Never EVER had these problems with WIN7 and I am getting to the stage where I will actually PAY for a version of WIn7 to downgrade this computer!!!

      • Natalie

        That I don’t know. When I went back to windows 8.0 it fixed everything and I haven’t had a problem since.

        • Snacker

          I am in the same boat as you Natalie. Tried so many things. Frustrated the heck out of me and almost wanted to trash the computer. But then resetting the computer back to factory settings (with Dell Backup and Restore) back to Windows 8 completely stabilized everything with the wireless issues. No more issues at all….As long as you don’t accidentally update it to Windows 8.1! Which I did by accident and had to reset the computer all over again — very very very frustrating! Don’t make my mistake — make sure you do not update these specific Windows updates (hide them):

          Now no problems I can’t tell you how happy I am after so many months of wireless headaches.

      • Natalie

        I got to thinking , the few times since I went back to 8.0 that my computer got a tad wonky I found that if I made sure I had downloaded all my Lenovo update it would fix everything that was wonky. Maybe check that


    Excellent article. Fixed my problem.

  • Tim Senna

    I’ve had the same problem for a few days now and nothing seems to work. I’m confident that if I can get the first netsh command to go through it would, but every time I type it in I get “Resetting failed Access Denied” I’ve already changed my security settings to give myself full control and am definitely doing it as an admin :/ Any ideas?

    • Sigh

      I was confused at first as well. However, try clicking on Command Prompt (Admin) instead of JUST the Command Prompt. That should get you going :-)

      • Zilleniose

        Nope. Had the same problem, but was always running as admin, still doesn’t work. Disabled antivirus just as a precaution, still nothing.

        • Paul Chan

          go to windows explore .. windows/system32 right click on cmd and run as admin..

    • Alec Lai

      run regedit and then follow this pathing


      Simply right click and you will see “permissions” change this settings to allow everyone full control. now rerun the netsh command and it will no longer be denied.

      Credits to

      • Frankie Fan

        once i get to {eb004a00-9b1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc} their is no 26

      • JustThisGuy

        That’a a bad solution, it exposes the network settings to exploitation and mistakes. It’s better to run an elevated command prompt.

        • Sinovera

          Running command prompt as admin did not work. It still said “Access Denied” just like Tim’s. I just did what Alec said and it worked. However, seeing your post, I decided to go back in to look at the settings after I was done; the computer seems to have reset the settings back to default after a restart so seems like an okay solution.

          To the author of this article: Thanks. Option #1 worked for me though perhaps you should consider adding Alec’s piece of advice.

    • Tim Senna

      Just to clarify I fixed this issue now, cheers for the help guys :)

    • Jeremiah Smith

      I had the same issue with that part. Mine was fixed by step 4 though with the TCP/IP autotuning. Try that.

  • Tim Senna

    And typing in the command again I also get the error message “There are no user specified settings to be reset”

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Disable your AV software and retry. I’ve seen problems where it sometimes gets in the way

  • heidi de leeuw

    i switched from aes to tkip in settings that was working for me

  • MOhammed Baig

    Will this work if we have limited connectivity when trying to connect through a LAN cable?

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Hey Mohammed, I haven’t tested it with a LAN cable, only WiFi. What were your results?

      • Glenn Thomas Alex

        I tried all the methods for both wifi and lan connection, worked for 1 minute and again went back to the error.

  • Glen Manewell

    For me Step 1 helped, but I also had to stop the OS from turning off the WiFi adapter, all works well now

  • Mickey Sucks

    Fuck you Microsoft!

    • Truth

      Get a mac

      • Marcus

        Fuck that, get Ubuntu.
        Why go from one extremely corporate money sucking vacuum to another – might as well change one un-pinned grenade for another!

        • ky

          Spend on what works, ignore the corporate side. If you covered the labels, branding, etc. on a PC and a MAC, you would choose Mac. Take the politics out and blind use the devices, Mac would win. I’ve experienced both and have never had a issue with mac. My new PC is full of issues and I spend more time in my control panel than doing my homework.

          • Stoshy

            I’ve had a lot of issues with my iMac. Whether it be poor HDD management or corruption of files, Mac is not immune to anything. It’s a computer with an overpriced brand label. What you’re paying for is the operating system, not the computer itself, otherwise they’re the same. I could purchase a cheap laptop and install Mac OS X on it and have a cheaper, more powerful laptop with a basic operating system. That’s what it is and what allows it to avoid complications. It’s downright basic.

            If I were to rank them:
            Mac would be Basic.
            Windows would be Intermediate.
            Linux would be Advanced.
            Unix would be Expert.

            For my field of work and interests, I use a lot of resource intensive applications. I use a Windows computer because of its backwards compatibility and large software library. Aside from the operating system, it’s cheaper, too. By not buying a prebuilt Apple device, I can customize the hardware I want and take advantage of various sales. With Windows as my chosen operating system, I am almost guaranteed to find the software I need to complete my tasks.

            There are a lot of things that the Mac OS X operating system would limit me on. Two examples would be its small software library and lack of OS customization. Nonetheless, it’s where I started. iMovie HD was the application I used to get into media production as a kid. From there as my knowledge of computers and software grew, I moved onto building my own computers, sticking with Windows, and investing time in more complex software like Photoshop, After Effects, 3DS Max/Maya, Motion Builder, and so forth.

            There’s nothing wrong with using Linux. Android and SteamOS were based off of it. I think it’d be great for a college student that needs a decent laptop without the headache of upgrading an OS. It’s perfect for basic applications like note taking or browsing the web. For more advanced students learning programming, oh the fun that can be had. However, because it’s so diverse and the time it takes to ensure software is compatible, this becomes its limitation.

            Unless you’re working with servers or mainframes, I doubt you need to be familiar with Unix, from which Linux was based from.

            To each their own.

            (Anyone that reads this and is considering getting Windows 8, AVOID IT! It’s a mobile version of Windows 7. Microsoft is ruining its operating systems with each new reiteration. Avoid the headache of learning its new security features and weird user interface. Wait for WIndows 9.)

          • Jake

            Linux and Mac Operating Systems are both Unix Operating Systems.
            As a software engineer, programming on Linux is far superior as it makes better use of version control software like Git, and running from the Linux command line is a dream. Apple is the same, except it’s in a fancier/more expensive shell.
            So Unix isn’t an operating system, it’s simply an operating system kernel on which other other OSs are based off.

          • Dominic Blais

            mac is for sheep who shouldn’t have a computer they are not smart enough to run one “make a computer an idiot can use and only an idiot will use it “

          • Mohsin Javed

            hahahaha! fail, if i am on windows and wifi is not working how could i get on to google. you need to grow some brains. i posted that comment with my trusty iPhone. even if i find something to help get it done (this issue is not even being resolved on microsoft forums) get it done it’s just too much an effort to download the required file put on usb and try it on windows, no thanks.
            Oh BTW, i ditched windoz for mac already

          • Dro Throwaway

            Don’t think so. You can log into anyone’s mac with a few lines of terminal code. I would like my stuff safe bud.

        • Mohsin Javed

          my WiFi won’t even work with Ubuntu. i am definitely getting a mac this year

          • Dominic Blais

            aww guess google is too hard for you that must suck

          • Sharpsboy

            Why my friend got 9 viruses in 2 months

        • Solomon

          Fuck that , hehehehe get Linux! (I’m joking I have Linux Debian, XP, Windows 7) are all installed on my comptuer

          • Roland Zielinski

            Its all personal preference because I right now I have windows 8.1 and i’m downgrading to windows 7. Before I built my desktop I had a 2012 macbook pro. It did the job but not as well as I wanted it to. I’m sticking to windows, (I have backtrack 5 on a separate partition) and that’s the way I like it

        • heterodox

          Yeah, better to use an unsupported, unreliable piece of cobbleware.

      • Donny Weits

        LOL Please say you’re joking right?

      • Sharpsboy

        Get a Mac they say they get less viruses but one of my friends scanned his Mac and found 9 viruses I have never found that many on my pc

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Mickey, don’t hold back – tell me how you really feel! lmao

    • Ben Grimm

      Fuck your mother, bitch.

  • Faizaan Khan

    This issue is actually arising cause of Microsoft trying to replace the manufacturer’s drivers with its own.. Which is why, no connectivity issues and limited wifi is seen. To fix it, revert the drivers to older version or Manfacturer’s build. Check this article for example

    • NavinJay

      Didn’t work for me. 8.1 actually refuses to work AT ALL with the older drivers.

    • kw1162

      You nailed it, Thanks

    • hess

      This worked for me. Switched from microsoft driver to manufacturers, restarted laptop, wireless connection still said limited but, when I clicked on it, it activated.

      • Milagros Beri

        How can I do that?

    • Max Barr

      Doesn;t work. Replacing my (Broadcom) driver gave me a version which has all the damn parameters in Greek. Has anyone ANY solutions to this problem cos I have tried every single one

    • Tbeaune

      This worked for me. Thanks, Faizann!

      Followed the instructions in the link. This is the file for the driver that worked for me: C:windowssystem32bcmihvsrv64.dll

  • jovi

    Im on Acer Aspire P3 and it doesnt work

  • Sunli

    I have done 1, 3 and 4 but sadly do not solve my problem. So pissed!
    Couldn’t do 2 cuz i don’t see that “power management” tab in my settings.
    Any other suggestion? Asked desperately.

    • Maxfr

      I found another solution, If you are running Windows 8 and your laptop keeps dropping the WiFi
      signal intermittently, try going to Control Panel>Device
      Manager>Network Adapters>Wireless
      LAN>Properties>Advanced>Bandwidth>the default is set to
      “20_40MHz” set it to “20MHz Only”.
      it may also help to change your router channels..

  • Sam Slater

    I wish Tiger Woods had your sense of humour

  • pete van do

    Thanks for the help, it worked great, I used the first 2 to make it work.

  • makare

    I am hoping this fixed the problem. Thank you so much for the easy to follow directions .

  • JIm


  • pete vando

    Faizaan Khan has the fix with reverting the drivers back to pre winblows 8.1

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  • A Metzger

    Thanks, Vonnie – the NetShell approach solved my issue. In case this helps others: I recently (~a week ago) updated from 8 to 8.1 and had only connected to my home network since then. I was having a problem connecting to unsecured public networks that don’t require authentication (i.e. you don’t have to accept terms or enter a password via a website). I also did an ipconfig/release and (unsuccessful) renew before the NetShell stack reset, but I suspect it didn’t matter.

  • Sofaki

    Thank you so much!! It was so easy! I waked my wifi adapter up and now it works perfectly fine! u saved me! [so grateful] ;)

  • daniel blair

    Omg, man I love you. Thank you so much my internet is working from the first step. Thanks so much!!! =)

  • thomasm5again

    I’ve had similar probs but used a different solution. Follow the steps in “wake up wifi” in this article (networks, wifi, properties, configure), but choose advanced tab instead of power management. Disable “20/40″ coexistence and set IBSS mode to 802.11 b/g/n auto if it isn’t already. Accept, the adapter resets, and off it went! –
    thanks to other blogs for the 20/40 tip.

  • Dick Buttkiss

    Thank you so much for this guide!
    Resetting the TCP/IP has worked for me. So far, no issues.
    I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and my wireless adapter kept losing connection. I hope this continues to work.

  • Christopher Painter

    Vonnie, thanks for the procedures, they worked. I’ve never had a problem with this laptop until this morning and the rest of my network remained operational. I’m not sure why it choose this cold morning but it’s fixed now. The only question that remains is Church’s, KFC or Popeye’s?

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Haha, gotta go with the Colonel Chris

  • aayush

    its not working need assistance!

  • aayush

    im using my college wifi… pls assist

  • Gregg

    “Thank You” You ROCK! The first one fixed my issue. I was about to give up when I found your page. I was a major geek before a Hummer rollover split my spinal cord and then 2 brain tumors turned me into a drooler. Wish I still had the magic but really glad you take the time to share yours.

    “This Marine Is having the time of his life while living his childhood fantasy”


  • Anonymous

    Thanks very much, It really fixed the problem…. I had spent 5 hours in agony before I came across. this.

  • Ali Swanson

    Hey, if even one of these suggestions ends the aggravation with Win 8 it was well worth the read. And thank you for posting this.

  • Dan Hales

    Iv’e had the same problem since upgrading from 8 to 8.1. It was a little better after trying all of the methods above, but I am still having issues with “limited” connections. Is there anything else I can try?

  • Vedang Goswami

    Awesome dude.!! It worked …..thanks alot for spending your time and sharing this info …Thanks :)

  • happyvalleychow

    I’m on a Lenovo Y510P and ever since upgrading to 8.1 I have definitely noticed some connectivity issues, particularly the limited connectivity. I tried all 4 procedures and the TCP/IP Autotunning seemed to do the trick. Thanks a lot for the help. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know how it is doing after a week or so. Thanks!

  • Zarko Jurukov

    wake up fixed my internet from stopping in the middle of a game

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  • Itai Ganzman

    well i tried everything u said and nothing changed i mean only my skype work and i cant use chrome or anything else cause i dont have internet please do something :)

  • KarottederMacht


    i dont unterstand, why my computer says “netsh is not avaiable”. How do i install netsh?

  • mat

    Nice ideas but non even one will work.I spend a week trying to find the real issue,and i finally found it & fix it.Uninstall windows,and when install back press costumize,follow the options till you seeand turn this option off.So the windows will work with the old drivers instead of his own.This is the only solution …

  • Soumita

    None of these are working for me. In spite of trying all of these suggestions, still no wifi connection. If there is any other solution plz do suggest.

    • eleven

      Once you installed windows 8.1 ,all of your old drivers will be erased.Your internet connection will be on for few minutes,so in this time go to google,download your old network drivers for the tipe of pc you have,install it ,and that,s all.This will work 100%

  • Thor Carlson

    The netsh fix did it for me! My Lenovo Twist started dropping the wi-fi connection about a month ago, still running Windows 8 was going to upgrade to 8.1 as a last resort but after reading the comments I’m glad this fix worked. Thanks Vonnie.

  • efwsefe

    Had a Lenovo with Windows 8.1 that ran off my known WIFI after a reboot and could not reconnect by itself, had to choose the network and press connect every time…..
    4. Reset TCP/IP Autotunning
    did the trick and it connects by itself every time i reboot….

    Great post.
    Thx Vonnie

  • Paula Ashby

    thank you thank you thank you thank you
    I have spent DAYS trying to fix this limited connectivity problem, and in 5 minutes (after finding your blog) the problem was resolved. Bless you.

  • Aaron DeWitt

    My wifes computer has been having limited connection issues for some time now… this appeared to fix the problem. Thank you

  • Tareq R. Qasem

    Hello dear,
    This is my issue after I extended my access point cable; plz help me resolve this problem if u can.. Thnx n adv. ^_^

    Windows Network Diagnostics

    Issues found

    Connect to tayali_2f without updating settings Failed

    Problem with wireless adapter or access point Not fixed
    Investigate router or access point issues Failed
    Reset the wireless adapter Completed
    A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken Not fixed
    Plug an Ethernet cable into this computer Failed

    Network Diagnostics Log

    File Name:

  • Surya Kaliki

    hey everyone, this method works for me, i just did all the steps and now it is working!! try it:

  • Rahul Senan

    i have a similar problem but its a little different, when i start up my computer it automaticly connects to my wifi but after a while it tells me that no networks are available. I know its not the router because it works perfectly on my other computers. pls help

    sometimes it wont even let me click on the wifi button

  • richardarbiol

    The trick is just installing your old wifi driver that already work for you where in this situation is the wifi’s driver of your old OS .

    If all guide here doesnt work just . go to
    1. Control Panel >
    2. Device Manager >
    3. Go to Network Adapter >
    4. Right Clik on the “Broadcom . . . ” (The one that windows 8 or 8.1 install for you(which doesnt work))> Right Click >
    5. Update Driver >
    Then if you have your old wifi driver installer just browse the folder and hit ok the updater will install your old driver . Works for me ! Try it :D

    reconnect your wifi . !

    Sorry for my english . .

    • Tbeaune

      Tried everything else, and the above is the only thing that worked for me. From Update Driver, Browse computer, pick from list of device drivers… I found the file (choose “have disk”) in C:windowssystem32bcmihvsrv64.dll
      The file version is

  • Yousuf Naveed

    Hey Vonnie, thanks for the post. It did help me get my internet back, but only for 17 minutes. Yes, for exactly 17 minutes and then i have to disconnect my DSL and then it works fine for another 17 minutes and then i have limited connectivity again. Anyway you could help me with this? Thanks.

  • Barbara

    I have a Lenovo and my boyfriend has an Asus. Both with windows 8. The Lenovo is the only one with the problem. I ran the wake up and it worked for a month. THen I think it must have updated and screwed up again. SO I tried the netshell steps all the way to step 4. I also disabled the 20/40 coexistene and reinstalled the drivers . I had to restart twice for it to take hold, but it seems to be working now. Thanks, Vonnie!!

  • arrrrrrgh!!

    This was great! im always having problems. Im going to keep a note of this website, in case i have future problems. Finally someone who knows what they are talking about!!

  • Lophs

    You think a huge company like MS could get something basic like this correct. It is a foundational or pillar bug, a bug that interferes with everything else. Why build a OS with pretty colors and all the metro crap when you can’t even get wifi correct.

    Built myself a new compute a couple of days ago, and I am regretting choosing to install Windows 8.1 instead of using my old Windows 7 license on my blank hard drive.

  • Dan Walker

    genius!!! the first thing worked after reboot!!

  • Louis Lambert

    None of this worked for me until in Devices I uninstalled and reinstalled the Wifi adapter

  • Patti Concannon

    #1 worked for me after I had reset my wifi driver back to the manufacturers driver. Thanks Microsoft – you are totes awesome. Not.

  • anesha floyd

    Thanks the first option didn’t work for me but the second worked like a charm THANKS needed to do schoolwork :)

  • Rohan

    Thanks a lot . The first step solved my problem.

  • mansour

    Thanks a lot . you are the best.

  • jane doe


  • jane doe

    Be VERY careful if you have to keep resetting your network
    adapter or rebooting your router. It could be a bad router…( I even had my
    Cable company replace the underground wiring to my house because I didn’t think it could be a new router.
    I called Linksys and they explained how to do this and I kept doing over and over. About 3 weeks after the warranty expired on my Linksys router they told me the router was bad. I bought a new upgraded one through Linksys and that one didn’t last a year but I was careful and I bought another new one in April 2013.

    It started giving me problems in June/2013 and they replaced it, that one gave me problems starting on Oct. They sent me a replacement in Nov and I couldn’t get the replacement to work for a continuous 48 hours. It took me until Dec 28,2013 to get the upgrade/replacement approval. They approved it but didn’t ship it to me even after promising me they would overnight to me.

    On Jan 30,2014; I told them I was writing to my US Senator while I was talking to them and if I didn’t have a new router by Feb 1, 2014 I was filing a complaint
    with the Consumer Protection Agency because I thought they were waiting for the warranty to expire on Feb 1 and then they were going to tell me it wasn’t
    covered. That was at 8 pm EST in CT, I have no idea what time it was in the
    Philippines. Amazingly it was on my doorstep by noon the next day – Jan 31,2014. It is now Feb 5, and it ran great until last night when I had to reset it. I am
    hoping it is not a bad router again. Moral of the story, check all of the possible things that could be wrong, don’t assume it is the obvious one. Ask you internet provider how many times your connection has dropped each month going back at least three months. Check your network, ping your phone, Ipad and Tivo to see it is the network or the router. If you have support contract for issue; always ask for the next higher level up of support, then you might get a straight answer.

    Good Luck, lady jane

  • Minimall

    HI. Here it is what is happening to my asus n56jr with intel dual band N7260. I have wi fi alright. but from time to time it shows limited connection. the fastest way to fix it to put pc on sleep then wake it up. it takes about 20 sec. But it is rly rly rly RLY annoying since the limited connection is pure random and frequent. I did all the above steps. rolled back to older driver and etc. It keeps happeing . In fact it happend 2 times when i was typing this. Any ideas

  • Eric Cable

    Two drumstick fried chicken toast to you my friend! I was about to throw a brand new $1200 laptop in the trash. I have had limited connectivity since I brought it home so I have been sitting in my living room with a 25 ft CAT6 cable stretched out to my modem like back before cordless phones when we had 100 ft cords just so you could walk around the entire house and talk on the phone. Thank you.

  • Dark Ages

    worked but on restart , went back to old ways

  • Nelson Perez

    The first option worked great thank you!! :)

  • Christopher Walker

    Thank you!

  • Carlogreys


  • Akshay

    thanx bud.. realy helps !!

  • Ana

    Thank you, the netsh.exe fixed my prob :)

  • Ido Assoulin

    I have this problem only with one network. the limitied connection doesnt show on most networks. non of the solutions helped.

  • Deva Softz

    This does not solve my problem.
    My wifi is connecting even when i use windows 8, but connecting as limited network in windows 8.1

  • Bern J. J. Kraska

    Vonnie you are a genius……..Toshiba & Zoom were just passing the buck. For now they are on my ” not liking those companies list “. And that’s putting it mildly.
    Thanks for this great HINTFUL HELP.

  • sasi

    oh for the love of crap its not working.
    i tried all the things but its still only limited connection which keeps getting disconnected randomly.
    i hate windows 8!!! it sux ass! its like microsoft is doing all it can to make people hate them and their crappy shit half-baked fuck ass excuse for a system! i curse the day i got a computer with windows 8! the computer is ok (i had a very old comp befor with windows xp) but i keep getting thos stupid errors which all seem to exist only in windows 8!
    fuck microsoft and i hope that their share prices will drop and the company will collapse. or some cyber-terrorist squad will get them and fuck their windows.

    • Stoshy

      They added some new feature that hinders wireless adapters in an effort to save power consumption. Really stupid, if you ask me.

    • Max Barr

      Yeah right. I really wish I never got Win8. Win7 actually WORKED!!!

  • Perception

    I got the same problem on my windows 8.1 laptop…and it was vexing , because every time Iam waking my computer from sleep , the wifi did not work….Outrageous , Outrageous , Outrageous…I had to disable the property “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” for my wifi adapter….

    Why is windows not smart enough to enable it back when I switch on the PC from sleep?

  • Gaurav Choubey

    Thank you so much Vonnie. Netsh fixed it ..! Thanks..

  • Marion Husler

    Thank you for this article, it was well written and with it we were able to fix our problem.
    Nicely done!

  • Ashley

    None of these worked for me.

  • Cathy Alvarez

    Do you know how to make this changes permanent, it does works, but when I put it to sleep and log on again, same problem please help! there must be something you can do

  • Douglas Moody

    Got really excited when I read your article. Sorry to say, I tried all your steps with no joy. Ever since I updated to 8.1, my WiFi goes down periodically. Never an issue prior to 8.1. Hardware is an Asus n56vj-dh71 with a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EG wireless adaptor. Thanks anyway.

  • Karl W

    Thanks Vonnie. I stumbled across your site doing some research before going over to help a friend get back online. Will let you know how it goes. Your methods seem to have logic on their side.
    As for all of the comments along the line of “get a MAC” and “My MAC never has problems”. How does that help a user that IS on Win8 and needs help? I guess the I need help with my MAC forums are all quiet? :p

  • Marcus

    Manufacturer driver is a better solution to OEM updates to 8.1 – Toshiba Satellite P series users would do well to get the driver for the Intel Wireless Network adapter from the Intel website, not from the Toshiba website – which I hasten to add is mostly full of crap. This was discovered mostly no thanks to Microsoft and very little thanks to Toshiba.

  • Alwin hartawan

    Sir, will your reset tcp/ip autotuning affect anything on my computer? My internet got fixed but not by this method, i would like to deny the changes made because of this method, please tell me how sir

    • Muhammad Naufal Dzakie

      how did you fixed it?

  • andersonz

    I have resolved enabling FIPS support.

  • Donkie415

    Vonnie I think I love you! 8.1 worked last night
    Worked briefly this morning and then it stopped. USed patience and waitind for it to come back because I do have a dodgy ISP

    reboot nothing
    Vonnie – COnnection!

    Thanks VOnnie!

    (I hope I dont need your help again!) ;-)

  • Matt ‘Tanky’ Kent

    Thank you, the first one worked perfect

  • Harsh Kumar

    how to solved wifi limit problem

  • Robert Schuldenfrei

    Hi Vonnie,

    Excellent site. I have the problem of “limited” service on a public Internet connection. Sometimes, I can sign on a site and sometimes I cannot. It is always consistent. If the site is “limited” it is always limited. I tried the netsh fix, but it did not work.

    I now have an interesting test case. My wife works for a large hospital with a main building and a number of remote locations. When I try to connect with my Windows 8.1 laptop in the main building it fails. The service is called CHE-GUEST. When I try to connect at one of the out buildings where the service is still called CHE-GUEST, it works!

    Now I can probe this problem further because I can contact the IT people at the hospital. Cannot hardly do that with Southwest Airlines :). So, if you can give me a starting point I can ask questions. I can provide you with all kinds of logs from my laptop on sites where I succeed and sites where I fail.



  • Laura Villegas

    The first option worked like magic.

  • Austin Corrales

    The first solution works somewhat however it triggered a new issue, whenever the computer comes out of sleep mode I get a blue screen that forces a restart with the system (system thread exception not handling the rtwlanu.sys) I’m trying to reset/install a new wifi driver to fix.

  • suraj

    can we overcome this problem by system restore,,,,,,,reply meeeee

  • Rixwan Axshraf

    I had the same problem, but thanks to you, I got IPv4 connectivity back, but i still don’t have IPv6 connectivity. Any suggestions? mailto:

  • David Allan

    That first TCPIP config step – shouldn’t it read “c:resetlog.txt” ?

    • Vonnie Hudson

      David! You are absolutely correct, thanks for the astute observation. I’ll fix this now

  • Elena Ocone

    Step 1 and 2 fixed the problem, Thanks Vonnie!

  • Jitesh Lakhwani

    non of this is working
    what to do?

  • Happy Bart

    Sir that 1e helped me! Thanks a lot my friend!!!!!

  • Mesha Hampton

    Thanks Vonnie! This has fixed a recent issue I’ve been having with my laptop connectivity. Oh and about the chicken thing, Koreans seems to love it even more than we do. Check out a chain called Chicken BonChon Chicken if you have one in your area. So good!

  • josh

    I have this problem. Wifi works on my other laptop and both iPhone and Android without problems. Never off and world’s perfect. After I installed Windows 8.1 my connection just doesn’t work. I tried updating drivers to Oem drivers and that fixed problem for a day. Then tried your first option and that fixed problem for about 2 min after which it disconnected again and refuses to connect. Please help

  • Adria

    The first one worked for about an hour and then it stopped working so I tried the second one and that worked for like 3 hours and then it kicked me off again so I just tried the last one because my metered connections were already on. So fart the last one is working but who knows for how long.. It is so frustrating when my internet kicks me off every 15-20 minutes.

  • Bdoll

    Thank you thank you. It just worked for me like magic. I’m gonna send u a bucket of fried chicken. :)

  • harshit

    thanks ,,it solved

  • Garrett Broadnax

    This article was written exactly how I read articles, and very thorough.
    Thanks man, time will tell if it works.

  • steprock

    Thanks for the info – the 1st step worked for me, so I really appreciate it.

    No clue why my wireless just suddenly stopped working, but I can’t go through a single day without saying “I freakin’ HATE Windows 8!!!!” Loathe and otherwise despise it. Can’t express that enough.

    Best computers I’ve ever worked on were Dell laptops with Win7. I’m a graphic designer and have worked on Mac as well. Didn’t enjoy it, even after a few months of daily use. Ironically, Mac is more like Windows than Windows at this point. DEATH to Win8!!!! OK. That is all. /rant

  • Joules

    Thanks for listing No. 1 as the first option. After two days of researching my “no connectivity” problem on the internet (Microsoft is worthless), your suggestion took 15 seconds and worked like a charm. Most appreciative.

  • pizolive

    i had limited wifi access and tried all of this (thanx vonnie) but it didn’t work, my problem was maybe to simple: i had 2 firewalls runnning at the same, my computer didn’t like it … keep it mind, it is machine and there must be reasonable a solution.

  • Chris

    I was wondering, could this simply be fixed by getting a different internet provider thingy? I’m upgrading to infinity soon so… What do you think?

  • Guest


  • Ben Osborne

    Hello Vonnie, i tried your first suggestion, and after 24 hours its worked like a gem, so just wanted to come back and say thanks, it was frustrating me like hell, boom you fixed it.

    So thank you!

  • Zequez

    I just tried disabling/enabling the wireless card, and stopping starting some services. I always end up rebooting and having to reopen all my stuff again, which is the thing I want to avoid. Anyway, I’m gonna try everything you listed here next time haha. Cool post.

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Hey Zequez, let me know how it goes!

  • Andy Collins

    Vonnie, im on windows 8 (not 8.1) my problem is that my network is not found by my laptop (it s found on my mobile and apple tv so not a problem with the network) ive just used your tip #1 as ive had this problem of limited when using my neighbours bandwidth, any ideas on how to find my network though? thanks

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Hey Andy, so Windows 8 isn’t even displaying your wireless network in the list but you can connect other devices to your network without any issues?

      Assuming that Airplane mode isn’t turned on and the PC isn’t too far from your wireless router and that you’ve used this PC with that wireless router in the past, let’s try something here:

      We need to make sure the WLAN service is even running because if it’s stopped you’ll never see your home network (or any wireless networks)

      Press Windows Key + r, type services.msc, find WLAN AutoConfig and make sure it’s set to Automatic and is started.

      Also, you might want to make sure your Wi-Fi adapter doesn’t have any problems. Press Windows Key + x + + m to make sure the adapter doesn’t have any yellow exclamation points near it. If so, you should double click it and then update the driver from the resulting screen.

      Finally, what happens if you open a command prompt as an administrator and then type:

      netsh wlan show profile

      Do you see your WiFi adapter here?

  • Juan Diaz

    I have tried all of the suggestions below and still no success. Microsoft really screwed this up royally with Windows 8. No wonder no one wants to upgrade to this crappy software. I gave Microsoft the benefit of the doubt and upgraded, but this is a real mess.

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Hey Juan, I’m sorry to hear that. A few other people here share your frustration. I agree with you that Microsoft sucks pretty bad and I’m curious: what did you end up doing? Are you still experiencing the issue? Does the problem happen if you boot your PC into Safe Mode with Networking?

      • Juan Diaz

        The only thing that has worked is to disable Bluetooth by going to Devices and clicking Disable for Bluetooth. All the other suggestions did not take care of the problem. Hope Microsoft fixes this in an update so that I can enable Bluetooth. I tried all the driver suggestions and the DOS suggestions, but they did not work. I was at this for one week, until the Bluetooth solution finally fixed the problem, but Bluetooth is now disabled on my HP Spectre Ultrabook. What was Microsoft thinking when they released this lemon?

  • Sumedh Shelke

    first solution itself worked for my d-link dir600l cloud router…
    spent days frustrated for the same… i just hope it works forever this way from now…(fingers cossed) thanx man….:-)

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Sumedh, I hope so too but – hey – let’s face it man – we’re dealing with Microsoft here so who knows how long it’ll work.

      Incidentally, you just reminded me of something: Is anyone experiencing this limited or no connectivity issue in Windows 8.1 Update 1? ( I wonder if Microsoft listened to its customers and finally fixed it?

  • Jelly

    Wow. I tried the first one and worked right away!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • busel7

    Thanks its work for me. I have dual OS on my laptop Ubuntu and Windows, i try with Ubuntu connection work perfect, but on Windows connection limited.

    Then i try the first trick run command “netsh int ip reset C:resetlog.txt” and limited isue gone.

  • Onyi Uche

    Thanks man, it worked good. Bless.

    Oh and I like fried chicken as well.


    I have a Lenovo G500 with 8.1 and it will not maintain connectivity on Wi-Fi. Limited then connected, but will not open anything using the browser. Any suggestions?

  • AXWELL311

    I did the first 2 actions & no more limited connection garbage! cant thank you enough

  • Maurice Williams

    This seems to have fixed my connectivity problem. It all started when I tried to install a Netgear Range Extender. Any tips on how to install that properly? Thanks

  • Bob Nagy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Heartsgoalie

    none of them worked for me. it seems to work ok if i connect over wifi to the router but as soon as i try to use a repeater in the network it keeps saying limited and all the other devices that are connected to the repeater have no network issues at all. Windows 8.1 is just an absolute piece of pish. Even if one of these fixes worked you shouldn’t have to go onto online forums to find a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

  • Heartsgoalie

    Oh and i had the same message as Tim Senna come up in the command prompt when trying the tcp reset

  • Guest

    i agree with this

    • Max Barr

      Damn right… 98, XP, Windows7 all good. This is a heap of junk.

      • Max Barr

        So do we have to wait for Windows 9?

        • Jeremiah Smith

          lol make that 10

  • rapace falcos

    Oh my god, i want to crash something. This shit causes me a lot of stress, everytime trying to fix the fucking wifi. Microsoft, what the f*ck are you doing? Does anyone knows a way to fix this shit?

  • Fanita

    This was very helpful. I tried the first option and it didn’t work, then I went to the Networking and sharing center as recommended. But then I saw “change adapter settings” and from there you are given the option to enable WIFI and it works!

  • Steven McFly

    I’m Caucasian American … I love computers, sex & fired chicken … AND I’m a nerd. What’s a nig** gots to do just to enjoy being any or all of those? :-)

    (PS) thanks for this. Windows 8 gave me hella issues because I must’ve disabled something in SERVICES.MSC or MSCONFIG by accident. LOL.

  • jackaroe

    Thank you so much!

  • JohnK

    I just woke up the Wi-Fi and it seems to work OK now. My volatile father is calmer now. Thanks.

  • pradeep .narayan

    I’m having same issue on my windows 8 64bit….2nd option fixed my problem thank you Sir…….
    Sorry for my bad English

  • Douglas York II

    Thanks for the information. #2 seems to have worked for me.

  • Wayne Jones

    Thank you sooooo much! I had already spent the better part of a day trying to trouble shoot the wifi. My nerves and impatient kids thank you! Let me know if you have a way I can repay you for the info I used and will remember for either myself again or someone else I come across having a similar issue.

  • Ravin

    Well mine in the wifi open toolbars and net work sharing say your are ncurrently not connected to any network does this is the problem that fired chicken have too cause mine is limited and cant view the open toolbar and network sharing center. So I have to go to run and type some word to go to the wifi status

  • Bill Simpson

    Thanks! Resetting the TCP/IP stack got the internet back.

  • jaklin badr
  • nightmusicfarms

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  • RecieKay

    I’ve done what was suggested above as well as given permissions in regedit for the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlNsi{eb004a00-9b1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc}26 listed below for my Uncle’s Windows 8.1 machine. It worked for a while, even restarted it several times to make sure it would be ok, but after I left when he shut down his PC (desktop connecting wireless in his studio space outside of his home) and it lost the connection and the permission. Ready to pull my hair out. Any ideas?

    • RecieKay

      Also checked the drivers, and its cool too.

  • asad

    my wi-fi not opening in windows 8.1 plz help me i reinstal new window

  • John Mackerel

    Chalk it up to a crappy Windows OS.

    Never had these issues running Windows 7 with same laptop and on another one.

    Used broadcom or Intel wifi, downloaded mfg drivers, nothing really made this issue go away entirely.

    Rather than do those commands for me I created another profile with same AP in it named differently and connect to it when I get the error. I know my router works. I only check my router if my Apple and Android phones can’t connect too and that’s rarely.

  • Ryan

    I’m still having this problem after weeks, tried everything. Someone please help!

  • jaki

    Hello Vonnie, i tried your first suggestion, and after 24 hours its worked like a gem, so just wanted to come back and say thanks, it was frustrating me like hell, boom you fixed it.

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  • Lars Lentz

    The first one worked! Thank you!

  • Nicole Bragg

    I cannot seem to make any of these things work. I have dealt with this issue for months!! I even bought windows 8 and replaced my whole operating system hoping it would fix the problem, but to no avail. I believe the problem is in my modem- any suggestions?

  • Gowtama Krishna

    Just wait guys I also tried all solution, but the actual solution lies in our patience, one thing wifi connectivity is not as fast as windows 8 but just wait for the Limited to change to connected.

  • Purnendu

    type windows key+X,and select device manager.Here you can see your network drivers.Choose your wireless driver and double click on it and you will get a window showing properties….now

    1.go to advanced option,there you set the values like this

    i.AP compatibility mode-broader compatibility

    ii.minimal power consumption-disabled

    2.go to power management option and untick the bottom showing allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

    Also go to PC settings–devices—and make on ‘download over metered connection’


  • Austin Corrales

    DO NOT FOLLOW STEP ONE IF YOU HAVE A LENOVO YOGA! Using netsh.exe causes the driver to crash upon restart, (rtwlanu.exe will continuously fail upon sleep mode after doing this, meaning every time you try to start up your computer again, it will crash unless you fully turn off the pc every time you wish to close your lid…) This will fix the problem, yes, but then you’ll have to install a new driver to fix the subsequent problem… :/

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Austin good catch. I’ll update the article with your discovery

      • balaji_231182

        Gentlemen, do you happen to know the fix for this rtwlanu.exe issues ? i sure as hell wish that i was patient enough to read through this entire article, only to find out later that running netsh.exe is causing my rtwlanu.exe to crash in my Lenovo Yoga, any help is greatly apprecitated…thx.

  • Ayesha Sheikh

    thanks for ur article , would the same work in windows 7

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Hmm, I don’t know – I haven’t tested it on Windows 7. How about you give a try and report back to the group?

  • John

    Worked great! Nothing worked until the last set of netsh commands to Reset TCP/IP Autotuning, then wahlah – magic internets started working.
    Thanks, Vonnie!!

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Excellent news John!

  • indisoul

    None if these tips & trick worked ?

    • Vonnie Hudson

      Indi Soul, You tried eveything here but are still seeing limited connectivity?

  • Rick G

    I tried all four steps and still fell into limited access. Most times, all I do to reconnect is run diagnostics on my network card but occasionally have to reconnect manually. Wife has same laptop & she doesn’t have any issue. I do a lot more and will try switching n/w cards just to check but suspect it’s something on my system that’s causing it. We’re both using Win 8.1 on Gateway Laptops. Any other suggestions (other than switching O/S…)

    Rick G,

  • monc1105

    I just wanted to say I loved the way you explained everything with understandable language and you got me to laugh too. However none of the tricks worked for me so I think I might have to just say F@#$ it and do a reinstall. I only started having issues with this stupid windows 8.1 and I do have a Lenovo Ideapad and I did try the netsh commands before I read what you have hear so that may have done something to it too. Thank you for you your article and I will have to remember to look you up when I am trying to figure something out.

  • Ritesh

    Its also happen due to antivirus program so just remove and then try

  • Maude Clarkson

    1. On Device Manager’s Network Adapter option, I right-clicked and selected Update Driver.
    2. Let me pick from a list – this I selected after clicking on the Browse Computer for Drivers option.
    3. Selected an other option which includes the phrase (Broadcom), not the (Microsoft).
    4. It started working.

  • Blondebkgirl

    THANK YOU!!!! I ran the update and received the limited connectivity error. Followed the 3 command prompt steps and rebooted and abracadabra back online. Thanks!!!!

  • Naveen Smart

    Solution For Wifi Limited Access in WIndows 8.1

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  • vakradrushti

    My problem was the WiFi works on some access points but not all. With some access points, it used to connect and in about 5 – 10 minutes goes to limited connectivity. I had tried all the 4 options here and it did not work. For about 10 months I used to work with switching On and Off the wireless switch on my DELL5430, every 5 – 10 minutes!.

    But based on a comment in this post, I changed the “Power Options->Edit Plan Settings->Change advanced power settings->Wireless Adaptor Settings->Power Saving Mode” – both “On Battery” and “Plugged in” to “Low Power Saving” mode. This fixes an year old everyday problem for me. It works over reboot, shutdown, hibernate and sleep!!!!.Thanks to this post and the valuable comments. Just attached a screenshot of the settings I mentioned above.

  • Darius

    I did an update on my Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 and all of a sudden I get limited internet connection after it was updated, but I have all 5 bars. The limited sign goes away at times but the internet still doesn’t work. If it does work it goes extremely slow. Please help.

  • Grenade

    Ok, I’ll be a mac/iPhone user forever if you tell me how I get around the “you need ADOBE flash player for this site” !!!!!

  • Grenade

    I love my ipad, I hate my droid phone, sick an tired of PC issues, but…. I hate surfing the web on my ipad an not being able to view things cause of Adobe

  • Grenade

    BTW, ty Vonnie !

  • Malcolm Soh

    Quick fix – I had an old Belkin USB Wi-Fi dongle, plugged it in a spare USB port on the Lenovo G505, set it up, disconnected the internal WiFi (right click>properties>disconnect), connected via the dongle – so far so good. And the signal is stronger! My opinion, this is a software compatibility problem which severely degrades the wireless signal to the internal wireless adaptor which has a poor antennae design also.

  • Max Barr

    So many times the same advice. So many times nothing works. I have a (dammit) broadcom network card. Because the effing computer is greek, all the settings for that are in greek to. Can’t understand a word of them. However I have (loads of times) by cut, paste, translate, set the stupid thing to not switch off. Done all he stuff about heuristics (I even have a shortcut to a batch file that does this). Mostly the only thing that works is to reset the wifi adapter, For gods sake why is it so much of a problem for Windows to keep an internet connection UP????

  • Stefanie

    My computer crashed when I did the Reset TCP/IP Autotunning……….
    Can I reset the settings through BIOS, and how?

  • Phillip Berkun

    This “limited connection issue” never occurred with previous versions of Windows, but with Windows 8 it has become a source of frequent torment. I use Linux for most of my computing needs, but I require Windows for various online webinars that I attend. it’s frequently a struggle just to connect. Aaargh!

  • Stefan Ivanović

    After months of problems with limited WiFi and general connectivity problems on Windows 8.1 I finally managed to get it to work properly.

    In advanced TCP/IP settings under IPv4 protocol settings I put Gateway and Interface metric to 1 instead of Automatic. Now PC connects to network a little bit slower than usual, but it works. I tried everything I’ve found on forums with no luck and finally figured this out, pretty much accidentally, but it works.

    This is mostly for people with Intel WiFi card, Centrino-N 2230 on Lenovo ThinkPad 530c in my case, because picking Intel driver from list instead of Microsoft’s (like suggested for Broadcom and Atheros in some posts I’ve found) won’t work.

  • imuscle

    MAC is just as bad it is just not as popular…only 11% of the market now. I tried a MAC for two years….multiple connection problems and many websites incompatible…I just hate all the BS…shouldn’t be this difficult.

  • Naeem Akram

    Hey man! I think you just helped to fix my laptop :) I was about to re-install Windows, saved me a lot of tension … thanks

  • Neil Rowan

    Hi I tried the first of 4 and noticed it had done everything as you said it would except ” Resetting ” failed and ” Access is denied ” ??

  • Neil Rowan

    It’s also saying Limited Access and Unidentified network

  • Sarath Kumar

    Please stop all this stuff if atall its your home network please change the security key to “WEP” that works just like Elixir

  • Aim

    I can use my internet on my pc, but the wifi says it’s limited. I tried all your tips but it still wont work. Please help. :(

  • Hannah

    I have a Windows 8 laptop, and I have other devices in my house that will connect to my wifi, but my laptop refuses to even acknowledge that there’s wifi! So I know it’s not the wireless network, but the laptop itself. Any ideas of what I can do to fix this problem?

  • Louie Reimer

    There is SUCH an easy fix for this. All you have to do is right click your Wi-Fi icon on your taskbar, press troubleshoot problems and it will reset your network adapter, fixing your problem. Worked for me :)

  • Godfarther

    Nope, All of them didn’t work for me
    My computer still shows – ‘The Connection was unsuccessful’
    and then, ‘This computer has limited connectivity to XYZ’

  • mozart jones

    This happened to me after a bit of rain or something, the internet went down.. but after a few days this computer still had a limited connection unlike the others. I tried following these steps, but I couldn’t fix the problem. Now I’ve done a “system refresh” and that fixed it, but much has to be updated and reinstalled.. which I’m ok with, since I don’t have all that much on this computer.

  • Aya Abdelwahab

    Thank you so much!!! The first fix did it for me! :)

  • Phillip Isayev

    This shit never happens on my mac. Honestly Window users always glorify their computers but never mention these pain in the ass problems. I love windows 8 so much but this is BS

  • Sanjna Bhatnagar

    The very first option seems to have fixed my connectivity problem like a charm. Thank you!

  • Colton Carthel

    Thank you!!!! I am almost bald because of this issue, but I think you got it fixed for me. Thank you!

  • Charlie Young

    Enable download over metered connection fixed my problem.

  • Yvan

    weird situation. Toshiba laptop, runs xp and vista, no trouble connecting, do i start up as w7, wifi says; limited acces, tried all the above and more. he does not find ANY IP adresses in w7, he can see networks and even connect to them, but cannot send or recieve packages. i’m out of ideas,

  • Mr Marata

    Here is what worked for me on windows 7 pro.
    I was already connected on Wi-Fi but any additional Wi-Fi connections were registering as public networks. So I did the following:
    1. Downloaded Wireless adapter hardware manufacturer’s drivers; found these on HP website; my laptop being HP. You can also download using an Ethernet cable if Wi-Fi is not working.

    2. In device manager – uninstall current wireless device and make sure to select “delete the driver software for this device”.
    3. Install the drivers you downloaded in step 1 – this will reinstall the wireless device.
    4. Reconnect your wireless network(s). You may need to set the location manually.

  • Adil Jinnah

    I did all these. But i still have a limited connection. Please help me.

  • EnchantedExcurse

    I shouldn’t have to reset my router everyday :( that’s what i’m having to do.

  • Uc Okey-dike

    Thx it worked!!!!!!!

  • windowscrafter

    in the first step where you use netsh.exe i got reset failed as the last message in the prosess, followed by rest OK and turn of your computer for the chnages to work/begin did so still not fxed

  • mike

    Windows blows. So sick of this shit. None of this works.

    • Pix E

      if your network problem is still happening, try this comment i just posted:

      When limited WiFi connection happens to my windows 8.1 or 8.2… or 8.x whatever windows decides to be at the time, this usually seems to fix it, or snap it out of its little tantrum for the moment:

      -Right-click the connection icon (bottom right corner) on my task bar.

      -Open the Network and Sharing Center. On the left side, there is an option to “Change adapter settings”, click that,

      -It opens a new window for your network connections. Right click your current “Limited Wi-Fi” trouble maker.

      -Choose the option for Disable.

      -Wait 10 seconds, close your current browsers and mmo’s if you need to.

      -Right click again, and choose “Enable”

      If this doesnt work without installing any special programs, try “”Troubleshoot the problem” (right click the wifi icon) or “Diagnose” your wifi (right click option in the Network Connections window) first before Disabling and re-Enabling your wifi.

  • Erik Gruber

    The first solution worked for me. Thank you!

  • denise lewis

    amazing! I have spent hours doing stupid crap and step one fixed the issue. thank you!!

  • Vishal

    Thanks a lot!

    Saved my night

  • Melanie Cruz

    Hi vonnie, my network said that it was limited and was causing lags. I turned off my Intel wireless adapter by unchecked it like you said in step 2. Now it can’t find and connect to any network at all. Do you know how to turn it back on?

    • Pix E

      if your network problem is still happening, try this comment I just posted:

      When limited WiFi connection happens to my windows 8.1 or 8.2… or 8.x whatever windows decides to be at the time, this usually seems to fix it, or snap it out of its little tantrum for the moment:

      -Right-click the connection icon (bottom right corner) on my task bar.

      -Open the Network and Sharing Center. On the left side, there is an option to “Change adapter settings”, click that,

      -It opens a new window for your network connections. Right click your current “Limited Wi-Fi” trouble maker.

      -Choose the option for Disable.

      -Wait 10 seconds, close your current browsers and mmo’s if you need to.

      -Right click again, and choose “Enable”

      If this doesnt work without installing any special programs, try “”Troubleshoot the problem” (right click the wifi icon) or “Diagnose” your wifi (right click option in the Network Connections window) first before Disabling and re-Enabling your wifi.

  • Tyler Ott

    Awesome article! Way better than than anything in the google search

  • Jake

    I did 1 and 2 worked gr8!!!!! Thnx so much

  • Andrew Tunks

    Thank youuuuuu!!!! I’ve had to restart my computer every .5-3 hours for months now…couldn’t fix the disconnect problem. It still disconnects now, but it comes back at least with the first fix alone…Good enough for me.

  • AjTeX

    Hey, Vonnie, I just need to let you know that your Step 1 only worked for me. (well up to now!)
    Many thanks for your site!

  • Teddy326

    RESET IP ADDRESS – most of the time works for me with Win8.1 on Toshiba laptop.

    Shortcut to Command Prompt (may have to run as

    Windows +x +a

    Click Start->Run, type cmd and press Enter.

    Type ipconfig /release at the prompt window,
    press Enter, it will release the current IP configuration. …

    Type ipconfig /renew at the prompt window,
    press Enter, wait for a while, the DHCP server will assign a new IP
    address for your computer.

  • Md. Arif

    thank you vonnie it totally worked…..

  • Pix E

    When limited WiFi connection happens to my windows 8.1 or 8.2… or 8.x whatever windows decides to be at the time, this usually seems to fix it, or snap it out of its little tantrum for the moment:

    -Right-click the connection icon (bottom right corner) on my task bar.

    -Open the Network and Sharing Center. On the left side, there is an option to “Change adapter settings”, click that,

    -It opens a new window for your network connections. Right click your current “Limited Wi-Fi” trouble maker.

    -Choose the option for Disable.

    -Wait 10 seconds, close your current browsers and mmo’s if you need to.

    -Right click again, and choose “Enable”

    If this doesnt work without installing any special programs, try “”Troubleshoot the problem” (right click the wifi icon) or “Diagnose” your wifi (right click option in the Network Connections window) first before Disabling and re-Enabling your wifi.

  • Heather Gordeev

    I did the reset and it worked! Thank you!! I also prayed. Just saying

  • Julian Mckay

    Still limited i did all the steps too

  • Pablo Solis

    Thank you for your post your first fix worked for me , i was so upset i had upgraded from windows 8 to 8.1 and my internet connection didnt work even it show 5 bars. I applied your fix and internet working again. Thank you once again greetings from chile

  • linda

    What if in the command prompt it says resetting interface, failed?

  • tm

    omg thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • dom

    I cant access the download over metered connection and non of the other things fix it.
    Please help

  • Fco M

    reset the TCP/IP partially did it, i was unable to connect to internet using wifi, after the reset,I’m able to connect using my cellphone hotspot, but I’m still unable to connect to the router.

  • Karan

    Don’t do any of the above..Just follow this:

    This may fix your problem permanently:

    Go to: Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsNetwork and Sharing Center — click on Wireless Network Connections — click Properties

    Click Internet Protocol Version 4 IPv4 — Click Properties — click use the following IP address:

    In IP Address field: input an address which is different from the current IP address for example:

    Subnet mask:

    default gateway:

    Preferred DNS server:

    Alternate DNS server:

    Click ok…now the problem should never arise again.

  • Sabrina Fornara

    thank you Vonnie! reseting the TCP/IP stack worked fixed my problem!

  • David Armstrong

    A coworker brought me his laptop expecting me to work my “magic”… he couldn’t get online using the Wi-Fi connection here in the office, though it worked fine at home, he said. So I used your first step (resetting the TCP/IP stack) and lo! and behold, he’s now up n’ running and browsing faster than ever before. Thanks Vonnie!

  • Justin Myers

    Mucho thanks my friend! That worked out! I have a small HP TouchSmart laptop I drag around once in a bit, and it stopped working wired or wireless. The first option fixed it! You rock.

  • sri

    This is the best solution I found. Thank you very much.

  • Jeremiah Smith

    I went through all of it, and nothing was working until the TCP/IP Autotuning. My computer is connected now, and hopefully it stays that way.

    Lenovo g580

    • Jeremiah Smith

      Update, it fixed it for a few hours, and then it went to limited again. I just did it again, and it’s working again.

  • Andy Green

    Why not just replace wifi if nothing else works?

  • Andy Green

    If all else fails why not just replace the router

  • Marco A Cruz

    None of these worked for me. :(

  • janewills

    Resetting failed, access denied

  • Mjane

    Sorry bout my english… Im not that dat good enough… Anyway, i went up to the 4th step but the admin command prompt says ” the syntax of this command is:

    • Gen

      its probably because you typed it wrong. its “netsh” not “net”

  • Gen

    Hi Vonnie!
    I was really really REALLy looking forward to fixing the wifi connection on my laptop when I read this article. Sadly though, after an awful lot of tries, it still doesn’t work. T_T
    Anyway I have a Toshiba. Can you pretty please help me?

  • حسن عابد
  • Jasmine Walker

    You are amazing ! I just tried the first one. I would’ve been in bat shit if I couldn’t fix it.

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  • Muhammad Aasim Shamim

    My Wi-Fi was working fine after upgrading to win 8.1. However just a few days back the signal strength of my hostel Wi-Fi in my laptop decreased drastically suddenly while it remained the same for other hostel mates of mine. Even when the signal catches, it connects as a limited connection but fails to load the login page with my Internet Explorer giving the message “You’re not connected to a network”.

    Interestingly, my laptop Wi-Fi works perfectly when I connect using my mobile hotspot.

    Tried all the methods mentioned above by u but no use. :(


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