Enable Easy mode with the Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 already ships with a tome of features.  And most features have entire lists of sub features – so all these options can leave you feeling dizzy – that’s why I want to show you how to enable what I’m calling Easy mode.  Instead of attempting to navigate the labyrinthine screens on your smart phone.  I’m going to show you how to adroitly flick through screens and apps on your phone using a nifty little option called Home Screen Modes.

Home Screen Modes lets you change the theme so that everything becomes uncluttered, simplified, and legible.  This is a perfect setting for first time Smartphone owners.

Turning on Easy Mode

To enable Easy Mode, touch the blank area immediately to the left of the center Home Button.  The menu soft key should light up as you move your thumb over it.  Touching it unveils the Settings tray.

In Settings, touch the My device tab and tap Home screen mode.

Galaxy S4 Home Screen Mode

Your phone ships from the factory in Default Mode which displays all the apps and options in their usual places.  However, to new smartphone users this can be daunting.

Select Starter Mode and choose Apply.

Galaxy S4 Set Starter Mode

Now all fonts are larger, colors are brighter and your smartphone experience will be easier.  There’s less clutter and the App icons are nice and big.

Galaxy S4 Start Screen Mode

There’s even a new settings screen called Easy Settings!


Galaxy S4 Start Screen Mode 2


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  • Vonnie – any ideas on how you would edit the easy setting icons? I would rather have my email and voicemail on the home page rather than the contacts and gallery.

    • Marco

      If you press the option button (left of home button) then you can choose to edit the icons there