What is the Galaxy S4 Adaptive Display?

You know the scenario: you step outside on the blonde sandy beaches of a tropical island, whip out your Galaxy S4 and start squinting because you can’t see the display.  The bright sun is washing out the colors on the screen so in order to read, you have to remove your sunglasses and crank the brightness all the way up.  Adaptive Display automatically makes the display brighter when in direct sunlight.

To turn it on, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notifications tray and touch the little gear icon in the upper right corner.

Next, touch the My device tab and tap Display.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Display

Tap Screen Mode

Samsung Galaxy S4 Set Screen Mode

Then touch Adapt Display to put a green check mark in the box.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Enable Adaptive Display

That’s it.  Now you can text in the sun with ease.  When you return to normal lighting conditions the screen will automatically reduce the brightness level.


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  • droitduseigneur

    Strange but I already had this setting changed last week when I couldn’t see anything while trying to take a photo on a sunny day at the beach.