How to use the Galaxy S4 with Gloves

With autumn nascent and winter peeking it’s frosty head around the corner, you can expect the weather to get fairly cold as the year comes to a close; that’s why I wanted to show you a little known Galaxy S4 feature that will let you use it even while wearing gloves.

Gloves mode is great because you don’t need to purchase special texting gloves for touch.  You can keep the ones you have or just buy ordinary gloves and still text with cozy fingers.

My initial reluctance to give up my Blackberry was that I loved being able to type with gloves on.  I remember deprecating iPhone users waiting for the Long Island Railroad train to arrive in the winter because they always had to remove their gloves to text.  I felt superior standing beside hapless commuters.  There I was, in the cold, typing emails with warm fingers while my iPhone and Android peers shivered in frustration.

Call me mean if you want, but using gloves with my Blackberry was a non-negotiable feature.  Living in New York City gets especially cold in December so being able to text with gloves was imperative.

But alas! I digress.  The smart folks at Samsung have come to rescue you from buying special gloves our worse: cutting little holes in the tips of your gloves so your fingers could contact the capacitive screen.    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think texting gloves for touch were a great idea; however, I found most of them either weren’t warm enough or are weren’t durable.  Samsung obviates the need for texting gloves with the high touch sensitivity feature.

Check out how easy it is to turn it on:

Turning on Gloves Mode

Press the menu soft key (it’s immediately to the left of the home button) and tap Settings.

Galaxy S4 Settings

Touch the My device tab then tap Display.

Galaxy S4 Display Settings

Scroll down to the very bottom of the Display screen and tap High touch sensitivity to enable it.

Galaxy S4 High Touch Sensitivity

One serendipitous side effect of turning on gloves mode is that you can use objects besides your fingers to navigate the capacitive screen.  For example, you can use a metallic pen as a stylus or even aluminum kitchen utilities to flip through screens.  It sound silly but it’s nice to know you can use your knife to open an email after using it to twirl your spaghetti.


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  • Vero

    Thanks for the post, but it didn’t work for me. I can’t use other objects on my shiny new S4. I hate this thing. I’m thinking to take it back to Best Buy & get the Moto X

    • Just because you could use a kitchen knife to flip through screens doesn’t mean you should. Some people actually got this to work but for everyday glove usage I think the Galaxy S4 excels. By the way, does the Moto X have gloves mode or something similar?