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How do I fix the Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working error? - fixedByVonnie

How do I fix the Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working error?

I generally feel nothing but antipathy toward Internet Explorer so when it freezes and displays that stupid little “Internet Explorer has stopped working” error it vexes me like nothing else.  I find the “Windows is checking for a solution to the problem…” sub-message obnoxious and sardonic.


Because we all know Windows isn’t checking for anything; that’s just a message Microsoft’s coders threw in to make you think Windows is actually doing something for you.  In most cases, it’s just a waste of time.  I usually impetuously click Cancel before Microsoft devises it’s false plan of redemption.

Windows 7 Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

If your browser is feeling indolent but doesn’t completely freeze up, you might want to see the article I wrote about speeding up Internet Explorer; however, if IE keeps crashing on you with these silly stopped working messages then read on for the fix.


The number one thing to do is stay cool, stay composed, maintain equanimity.  Don’t throw a temper tantrum or brandish your laptop like a weapon or threaten to chuck it out the window instead… relax, take a breath and tell yourself: I can fix this, I’ve got this.  Let’s go. 

After you’ve done that, you’re heart rate should return to it’s resting state.  Now you’re ready to tackle this problem.

Help! I broke Internet Explorer!

1. If Internet Explorer is still holding on for dear life, completely kill the process so you can ensure it’s totally closed.  You can press Shift + Control + Esc to launch the task manager then find, iexplore.exe and click the End Task button.

2. Now that you’ve kicked the Internet Explorer process into oblivion, click Start and type:

internet options

Depending on your geek factor the Internet Properties window is somewhere between obscure and familiar.

Windows 7 Internet Explorer Internet Options

3. Click the last tab along the top row called Advanced and click the Reset… button near the bottom of the window.


A dialog box zips on the screen with a bold font warning that’s scary enough to send most computer neophytes running for the nearest Geek Squad

But let’s think about this: what are we really about to do?

Internet Explorer are you sure you want to reset all Internet Explorer settings?

Yes, resetting Internet Explorer will revert IE to its embryonic state.  IE will become an amnesiac and will basically function the way it did the first time you used it.

But this is good because the reset will expunge all your privacy and browser settings. Your browser will feel lighter, happier and won’t moan about shutting down anymore.

4. Trust, me you want to click Reset.  If it blows up your computer, leave me a note in the comments and I might buy you a new one (using your money of-course).

But alas, I digress.

That’s all there is to it.  This should obviate those inane stopped working messages.  The above solution will fix 99.99% of the problems; however, if your computer is royally flubbed (that’s my technical term for goobered) then you’ll have to bring out the big guns: msconfig

MSCONFIG to the rescue

Click Start and enter this:


Under Selective Startup Uncheck Load Startup Items

MSCONFIG.exe load startup items

Next, click the Services tab and put a check mark in the Hide all Microsoft Services box.

MSCONFIG.exe hide all Microsoft services

Finally, choose Disable all, click OK and restart the computer.

Windows 7 MSCONFIG.exe disable all services

We just turned off all non-essential services; only the core Microsoft services will remain after we restart the computer.  Our goal is to give Internet Explorer a trial run without any superfluous programs so we can zero in on the service that’s debilitating your browser.

If you don’t get the error after rebooting and opening IE then we know the culprit is hiding in that list of msconfig services we just disabled.

Divide and Conquer

Now it’s just a game of divide and conquer.

Go back to the msconfig Services tab, make sure Hide all Microsoft services is still checked and then check only the top half of the services boxes.  Click OK, reboot and launch Internet Explorer again.

Is it still working normally? No crashes?  Then we know our sinister service is furtively staying out of the spotlight somewhere in that list of unchecked (disabled) Services.

Leave the top half of the service boxes enabled but this time enable the bottom half too. Click OK and reboot.

Keep playing this enable-half-click-OK-reboot-dance until you can hone in on the faulty service.  Once you find it you can leave it unchecked or uninstall it by noting the Manufacturer column in the Services tab and removing it by clicking Start and typing:

programs and features

The Bottom Line

Internet Explorer isn’t the best browser in the world; okay fine I’m being too sanguine.  Let me rephrase: Internet Explorer isn’t the worst browser in the world but when it crashes you can sometimes feel like your world came crashing down too.

Let’s face it: no one wants to stare at an annoying error box.  It sucks.  But by resetting your browser or fiddling with msconfig you can win the day.

The next time your friend, co-worker or creepy uncle’s Internet Explorer dies you can triumphantly stand over his computer with his laptop over your head and shout!  I can fix this, I’ve got this.  Let’s go


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  • Sean Hudson

    This got to the point of clicking disable all but still the same issue :/

    • Hmm…

      • Richard Page

        Ha ha haa! Back to square zero.

    • RayJay

      I just solved this problem for Vista SP2, IE9, on a Dell Inspiron 531 by deleting large files from my desktop! I had tried all the other stuff first. Why didn’t Microsoft suggest this? What morons!!!

  • Sean Hudson

    My fix took a long time but was simple in the end. I opened up internet
    options via control panel (view by small icons). On the advanced tab I
    checked “use software mode”. It worked straight away without a reboot.

    • ganesh

      superb it worked for me.. thanks you soo much

    • Piwan Ranjha

      great ……worked for me…

    • daveinnh

      On my system I unchecked “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” and then rebooted. Now IE works without the error.

      • Charlie Harris

        I would like to try this fix of unticking ‘use softwaremode…
        But it will not untick. How do I get it to uncheck?

      • Aleksandra Radovanovic

        Thank YOU so much for this tip! Except for me, it was the opposite. But oh man, did this IE give me problems for months. For me “use software rendering” must be checked.

    • darmen

      Thank you so much. Worked in a second.

  • Mudassir Habib

    what if msconfig procedure soesn’t works???

  • Graham

    There are three way to fix a PC problem 1. The right way. 2. The wrong way. 3 The Microsoft way.
    After trying the Microsoft way of Resetting I.E. and using MSConfig, Surprise the problem still persists.
    I.E. is running out of memory “Temporary Internet space” and that is causing the crash. Clearing Temporary Internet files is only a Temporary fix.
    What is the Correct Fix eg. the “right way” to sort this out?

    • Privat Privat

      The microsoft way, have you tried restarting your computer, or and is the monitor plugged inn? 😀

      • Elwoodathome

        Har, Har, Har. Internet Explorer quits on my computer at least 10 times in a 4 hour surfing session and yes it is plugged “inn”. This quitting problem pisses me off to no end and seems to be a problem that is not solveable(sp) at the consumer level. I can use Firefox and Chrome with no glitches so what is up with IE on the exact same web sites, huh?

  • Dsve

    Here’s an interesting twist on internet explorer freezes. After restoring my computer from Carbonite backup I was having a difficult time putting my favorites back in place. While going through them one at a time and adding manually one came up as malformpneumax. The name should have just been pneumax. I deleted it and freezing problem seems to be no longer a problem.

    • That is interesting. Perhaps your antivirus software detected a URL and prepended the “malform” keyword to the bookmark. I’m guessing it had an invalid character or something in the URL.

  • concisecactus

    We have tons of computers with this issue at our office. The crash happens on sites that have flash (ads/videos/menus). I figured this out by trial and error, but proved it by removing flash and seeing no crashes. Unfortunately, that isn’t viable and crashing continued even with the newest version of flash nstalled. The ultimate fix for ALL of our laptops so far has been updating the drivers using the manufacturers update utility. I generally update video, chipset, bios, and a few others. Sometimes the video driver is enough, but sometimes the others are required. What is most perplexing is: The same websites that crash in IE because of flash, render just fine in Chrome and Firefox before we update the drivers. You’d think that would rule out drivers, but I guess not.

  • Clive Skelhorn

    This is really serious as all my friends are having the same problem with windows crashing especially when opening sites using flash. The simple answer is to load chrome or firefox but that is still not curing the problem. I will try this solution but do not hold a lot of hope I must admit.
    I will keep you posted

  • Jim Killion

    THIS IS MY FIX.. Somehow I installed AVG Antivirus Toolbar Free Edition when I was downloading another program. I did not see the box to uncheck “do I want to install AVG” so I installed it also. I use Kaspersky for everything. After hours of trying to figure out what is making IE 11 stop responding using Windows 8.1. I’m looking at my add-remove programs and it made sense to remove AVG. Of course AVG would not remove until I used AVG’s removal utility At


    After using their utility, rebooting the computer and answering no when safe window appeared. NO PROBLEMS OF IE 11 stops responding anymore. IE 11 runs like a champ..May this bit of info help someone else.

    • bobby kins

      Maybe no need for that now if on Win 8.1, IE11, I just went to the IE Tools, manage ad-ons and disabled AVG web Tune up.

  • Sandyshoes

    Thank you so much, Vonnie! It worked, and such a simple fix! My temper has abated and can now enjoy facebook.

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  • stevejbailey

    My IE on Windows 7 would not even load. I followed all the instructions given here, to the letter, but still the darn thing would not load. By chance I noticed a blue shield icon in the hidden icons part of the task bar; I had not seen it before and it read Search Protect by Conduit. I removed it via the uninstall in the control panel, rebooted, and IE worked fine. How the blue shield of death got on my computer is a mystery?

  • BasusJernet

    YESSS!!! It really worked! Thank you so much, you are my friend.

    • This is a really frustrating problem but I’m happy I could help you Basus!

  • Lucas Screwlouse Babington

    See my problems is this.. since building the system its always came up with that message of “IE has stopped working blah blah” but mine never crashes or causes problems, if I have multiple tabs or even one page open, when I close one I get the message and dismiss it, no crashing or effect to my IE at all, just more annoying than anything

    • Elwoodathome

      Just looking at your handle. Did you really mean to have the Name Lucas Screwlouse Babington or did you mean the middle name to be Screwloose. I doubt you are a Louse. You don’t sound like one. But on topic I too am totally perturbed with the very same problem as you. I get the message but not the crash. If I ignore the message and keep surfing the Internet nothing unusual happens. I keep wondering what the message is about??? If you ever find out, let us know.

  • supertweaker

    Outstanding job of condescending the OP with verbiage beyond his attempt to sound sophisticated. LOL

  • O F Schilling

    Internet Explorer 11 with Windows 7 was stopping working. I realized this happened after installing Avast Free AntiVirus. Then I completely removed Avast and IE11 came back working like magic.

  • Vaishnavi

    First Solution worked for me..Thank You very much

  • Cierra

    Help me! i can’t run internet explorer! So i downloaded windows 8.1, hoping to make my system better, and now my pc is giving me this error message when i restart it, and i think this is what’s not letting me run internet explorer, and giving me that dumb, “windows is looking for a solution to the problem” crap.:

    There was a problem starting C:WindowsSystem32LogiLDA.dll
    (big x)
    The specified module could not be found.

    So does anyone no how i can fix this? i went looking for the LogiLDA.dll module, found it on my pc, and its looks fine. My only other option is to look through the programming and find out what the problem is, but i really don’t want to waste my time doing that. Pleeeeeeeease help me! I need the internet!

    • Patricia Deuel

      go try the reset dealy in internet options he talks about. I to had similar problems and have recently purchased and came with win 8 and upgraded to 8.1 and all sorts of weird things happened. including the IE error. I did that and presto! all back to normal

      • Cierra

        I did it, and it worked! thanks!

  • Patricia Deuel

    Tried this reset thing, and presto it worked. everything is running faster, so far I don’t have to to the msconfig (I remember that from the old days) Thanks Pat

  • Erin

    Vonnie, I have followed all of your steps listed above and I have Hidden all Microsoft Services and rebooted… However, I still can not open Internet Explorer. The home pages doesn’t even open, as soon as I double click the icon, I get the error message. Help!! I know nothing about computers! :-/

  • Craig Ellis

    This can be annoying, but beyond using firefox or chrome..the fix was simple: INTERNET OPTIONS: ADVANCED TAB: CHECK “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” .Simple dumb fix.

    • nona

      This work for me. Thanks!

  • Miranda Myers

    I just want to thank you!!!!! I thought i was going to go crazy! Im so thankful for u and this page!

  • glen

    nothing happens when I click internet options can anyone help? its the same with uploading photos on facebook or attaching files to emails it just doesn’t respond. thanks

  • LamprosMaximus

    How else do you call it? Graham the Temporary internet space….Mine problem i thought was Cryptographic services and it was the 1st one which i actually disable,but i was wrong there another 1 issue that causing Not Responding on windows 7 so im asking you my friend Can please tell me how differently called that “Temporary Internet Space”Man i would be so gratefull…..Im facing this problem about 6 months and im suffering,i really wish i had money dude to give it to an expert and deal with problem,but i dont have that possibility.Thank you so much i own you….Like truly if you solve this….Omg Im not a genius,on those stuffs i tried to disable and enable one after another to see why is doing this,but didnt do too much,then i hide all microsft services but again when i did this,and went back to MSconfig =System configuration,There was problem i couldnt see all the services was running and items but few of them….And i was to uninstall everything and install it back i have done this thing thousands of times and i got tired till today even,i was facing the same problem i said just above,and finally somehow i could do System repair and it tooks me back to an early point.

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  • Niyas

    Hai All,

    We are leading game developing company in India. In Yahoo canvas version, one of our games developed in as3,loading yahooGames.dialog function to call Yahoo inApp purchase , the game behaves unexpectedly and blocks the game . The issue is occured only in iE 11 and works fine in IE 8 -10 and all other browsers. We are getting lot of customer complaints due to this. Anybody aware of it ,Please help

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  • Scott Kress

    I am working with a Hp lap top running windows vista home. I did everything above and still not working, but now when I open IE it tries to go to aol- an old version and its a redirect from hp assistant. I get error message from ie that says “IE cannot open the Internet site http://hp-laptop-aol.com” “Operation aborted.” When I close it the IE window remains open. if I type in another site in the url bar- like google or something- it immediately crashes. how do I fix this? any help?

  • Ayana Kristine Francisco

    Thank you soooo much Lifesaver! 😀 thumbs-up!!!

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  • buddyboy 1963

    superb thanks for the reset fix things moving much faster now as well. buddyboy 1963

  • missliteeyes22 .

    This worked perfectly! Thank you you’re a computer god

  • kestrel9

    My complaint is that the web page displays just fine and then I get an error message. I suspect that the error message is related to an ad. I don’t care about the ad. I want to make the message go away and view the page, but that isn’t an option.

  • I woke up this morning and Internet Explorer was doing this on my desktop computer, which had brand new IE11 and is using Time Warner for internet service through a cable modem. I went to my laptop, which has IE10 and is using Verizon for internet service, using DSL. Both had the same thing at the same time and have not interacted in any way. Both were working fine yesterday. Fortunately my laptop also had Firefox, which is working fine. Don’t tell me I need to download a virus to fix it either. Something buggy has recently been pushed out broadly, and overnight.

    • jel4

      The same thing started happening to my computer a few hours ago. IE crashes right away, but Firefox is working fine. I haven’t downloaded any updates for over a week, so I don’t know why all of sudden this would be happening.

      • John Smith

        same thing happened to me. this must be widespread. Have tried many fixes including system restore. works in safe mode though.

        • Kow

          I just got back from work and my IE doesn’t work. It worked just fine this morning. Glad to know I’m not the only one, but I don’t know how to fix it other than changing browsers.

          • SeaBee

            I have the same problem. Win8.1 + IE11. IE11 (desktop) worked fine this morning. I stopped for lunch. When I returned all open tabs had the “Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Error” and they all get stuck in a loop. I’ve re-booted several times. Reading Windows Support Help, I even turned off IE. Rebooted. Then turned IE back on. Rebooted. Same problem. Using Firefox now. IE APP works also.

            Here are the error details I get. Do you guys get same??

            Problem signature:
            Problem Event Name: BEX
            Application Name: IEXPLORE.EXE
            Application Version: 11.0.9600.17416
            Application Timestamp: 5452eed9
            Fault Module Name: IPSEng32.dll
            Fault Module Version:
            Fault Module Timestamp: 54c8223b
            Exception Offset: 000c61d0
            Exception Code: c0000409
            Exception Data: 00000005
            OS Version: 6.3.9600.
            Locale ID: 1033
            Additional Information 1: 46e3
            Additional Information 2: 46e3b0587f20cbd9aa323ec8363d6adc
            Additional Information 3: 1990
            Additional Information 4: 199073c3efc1003cab8b3ca56d736a83

          • SeaBee


            I just searched on my PC for the IPSEng32.dll file, which is listed in the IE error report as the Fault Module Name.

            IPSEng32.dll is located under C:Program Files (x86)Norton 360NortonData21.1.0.18DefinitionsIPSDefs

            I have 3 folders at this location that are named for the past 3 days.
            20150218.001 , 20150219.002 & 20150220.001

            I am thinking the IPSEng32.dll file inside the 20150220.001 folder may be bad, but my system will not allow me to rename, delete or switch the file with the one from the previous day’s folder. Norton Scan of this file shows no virus….


          • John Smith

            i Use Norton. that comes with comcast.

          • SeaBee

            OK. If you click DETAILS on the “Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working” window, do you see ” Fault Module Name: IPSEng32.dll ” ?

            I am in a support chat queue with Norton now, waiting to see if they have an issue with this version of the DLL. 12 people ahead of me.

          • John Smith

            yes just updated my post

          • SeaBee

            OK. I will let you know what I get from Norton Support. 10 people ahead of me now (down from 29).

            I’m sitting in Beijing China at the moment. This issue happened after 1pm my time today, which would have been midnight EST.

          • John Smith

            Tell him he is probably screwing up millions of comcast customers who are just waking up

          • Kow

            Yes, I have Norton 360 also. I don’t know how you pulled up all the specs that you did earlier, but your description of symptoms matches mine identically. My IE went bad sometime between 10pm and 4am EST. I’m eagerly anticipating your update, however, I have gone and downloaded Firefox in the meantime, works like a charm.

          • SeaBee


            Hi people.
            Issue has been fixed . Kindly run manual live update (right click on
            Norton icon on tray notification area > ‘Run live update ‘)

            This should remove a couple of the older folders from C:Program Files (x86)Norton 360NortonData21.1.0.18DefinitionsIPSDefs and create this new folder: 20150221.001

            I just did this and now IE11 works.

          • sivashankkar

            As said run live update manually. The problem gets solved.

          • SeaBee

            Just finished the chat. The agent confirmed the issue is Norton’s and it is being worked. Norton recommends using other browsers until they solve the problem with IE11. Once solved, they will send email to users advising them of the fix.

            I suggested they should somehow broadcast this message to users because countless people are spending lots of time trying to troubleshoot it. The agent got snippy with me and said there is no way to broadcast this info.

            I pointed him/her to the Norton Community Forum jel4 posted ABOVE ( https://community.norton.com/en/forums/tonights-update-crashing-ie11 ) and suggested that might be a good place to establish some proactive communications about this.

            All I got from that suggestion was more snippiness. I guess they are getting flooded, so I would think they would want to head this off at the pass.

          • John Smith

            good job thanks. idiots may lose the comcast account

          • SeaBee

            Thanks. I posted the issue onto a Microsoft Forum as well. Wouldn’t want a million more folks wasting their Saturday trying to troubleshoot this.
            Have a good weekend.
            Cheers from China.

    • jel4

      After doing some research this appears to be a Norton issue. They are aware of the problem and hopefully will have a fix out soon. Here’s a thread from the Norton website on the issue.

      As a temporary fix go to Control Panel – Internet Options and on the Advanced tab check one or both of these boxes:
      -Enable 64 bit processes for enhanced protected mode
      -Enable enhanced protected mode

      • SeaBee


        Hi people.
        Issue has been fixed . Kindly run manual live update (right click on
        Norton icon on tray notification area > ‘Run live update ‘)

        should remove a couple of the older folders from C:Program Files
        (x86)Norton 360NortonData21.1.0.18DefinitionsIPSDefs and create
        this new folder: 20150221.001

        I just did this and now IE11 works.

  • Fez

    Just ran the live update on Norton 360 and problem solved thanks for previous suggestions

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  • raj kapoor

    I was also facing same issue with my explorer. I just visited http://www.browsertechsupport.com/Internet-Explorer.html and made a call on their toll free. I got instant help for my Explorer only in a single call. You are just a call away to get fixed your IE browser. Just visit and make a call on their toll free.

  • Sadiq Hussain

    when i click ie icon google chrome open instead ie. no solution i try to make ie default.

  • Lawrence Teo

    Thanks a lot Vonnie. Resetting IE9 on my Vista doesn’t work. Found the culprit when I applied the MSCONFIG method – Kingsoft Antivirus Webshield Service, with corresponding service knsdave.exe.

  • russray2008

    Thank you. This fixed a long standing issue.

  • Jade

    Thanks for the help…NOT! Why didn’t you mention that doing this wipes out every Bookmark & Favorite that you have saved! Lost things I can never get back!! Would rather have the crashes and try a fix that didn’t loose things that were important to me!!

    • #SGOD Smoke Good Or Die

      Lost ya porn didn’t you? I just hate it when that happens