Surdoc joins the fray with 100GB of free cloud storage

SurDoc Web Panel

SurDoc’s philosophy is simple.  The cloud should be free just like email.

SurDoc joins the ranks of other upcoming free cloud storage companies like (I signed up for Shared and can attest that it’s pretty good).

But one thing about SurDoc that distinguishes it from Shared is its emphasis on privacy.  Known as TruPrivacy, SurDoc uses proprietary technology to ensure that only you can see your files.  All files are encrypted and the SurDoc doesn’t hold the encryption key.

The other nice thing is that you can earn up to a whopping 1TB for free by inviting friends to use the service (10GB per referral).  So go ahead, upload your photos, music, and videos from your desktop or mobile phone and experience the freedom of a free cloud.

I also set it up SurDoc on my Galaxy S4.   To get 100GB of free cloud storage on your Galaxy S4 (or any Android device) visit Google Play, search for SurDoc and install the App.

Download SurDoc for your Galaxy S4

And sign in.

Signup for 100GB free storage on SurDoc

Galaxy S4 SurDoc getting started

Galaxy S4 SurDoc cloud storage


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