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Shared.com gives you 100GB of free cloud storage - fixedByVonnie

Shared.com gives you 100GB of free cloud storage

Shared.com gives you 100GB of free storage

Everyone has heard of Dropbox and Google Drive.  Fewer have heard of the peer-to-peer browser service called Sharefest.me (I shared my thoughts on Sharefest a few weeks ago), but what about Shared.com?

Shared.com is a new cloud service based out of San Francisco that is actually offering 100GB of free space.

No kidding.

Shared.com 100GB check usage

Similar to Sharefest.me, Shared.com makes sharing files as easy as dragging and dropping files.

The free version offers a 2GB file size limit and is supported by ads but for 100GB of free space can you really complain about ads?

If you need unlimited online storage you can upgrade to the Pro Plus plan for $24.95 per month which gives you instant direct downloads, kills the ads and raises the file size limit to 10GB.

Shared.com Pricing Tiers

CTO, Florian Cervenka attests to how easy it is to use the service:

We are taking additional time to understand the specific needs of our early adopters and making specific changes to accommodate suggestions from our first group of users

Let’s hope this small five person startup takes off; it is certainly heading in the right direction.

Have you had a good experience with shared.com or other free cloud based services?  You can let me know in the comments.


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  • 100GB ad supported is great idea. It’s just like Gmail. I only hope they don’t make you watch a 30 seconds video ad before download a file.
    Great find,

    • Actually, there was no video or ad to watch. I’m not sure how long this service is going to last because it seems too good to be true. I’m uploading and sharing files now without any hassle

      • The problem is integration, we know that SkyDrive, or whatever the name Microsoft will rename this service, will be the primary cloud solution for Windows. Apple users have iCloud, and Android users have Google Drive. So competition is huge and I’ve seen many companies come and go in this business. But heck, 100GB sounds awesome.


        • Yes, integration is a huge factor. Part of the reason SkyDrive hasn’t taken off as fast as Microsoft wants is because it isn’t built into the OS. You and I know that changes with Windows 8.1 but people don’t like to go all over the place to find their files. Everything should be in one place. If Shared can find a way to do that it will distinguish itself from its competitors.
          Also, Shared.com is currently a five person startup with a Freemium business model. This model can be very lucrative but it all depends on the business acumen of the management team running the company.
          I’m really rooting for Shared though. They seem like an underdog and I usually root for the underdog.

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  • TheUsername

    I don’t see any ads

    • You’re right, I don’t see any either; Shared.com is probably hoping all free subscribers upgrade to the premium tier

  • sharedhq

    Thanks for the feedback guys. We just rolled v1.2 and have more goodies in the works. Growth has been steady but we are looking for hyper-growth in the coming months after we release v1.3 http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/shared.com

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    The 100GB free cloud storage is available with just a signup. Visit the here – http://goo.gl/x92oiN to avail the service.

  • logat890

    how secure is this?

  • Célestin Taramarcaz

    Does this still exist as a cloud storage service? It looks like it’s been taken over by degoo.com…