New Nexus 7 has broken GPS

Google Nexus 7

Two weeks ago I rhapsodized about Google’s newest hardware, specifically the Nexus 7.  The Nexus 7 arrived in US stores a few weeks ago and, according to Asus, the manufacturer of the device, it is slated to hit the UK on August 28th.

But everyone isn’t happy.  There are a litany of complaints posted on the XDA Developer forums.  In fact, on Google’s own forums, there are over 370 posts from more than 107 authors regarding a GPS problem.

The problem is sporadic but basically boils down to this: after working for somewhere between 2 and 30 minutes the Nexus 7 suddenly drops the GPS signal and can’t find it again.  It’s a big deal because a lot of people rely on the GPS for not only general App use but also map navigation.  Since the Maps are unreliable users can’t trust the navigation to work as designed.  Also, most apps have location features so spotty GPS, those Apps lose some value.

The good news is that Google is aware of the issue and is actively looking into it.  Paul from Google acknowledged the issue on July 30th and then again on August 2nd but I haven’t seen any solutions yet.  Let’s hope Google can iron this out or its going to have a lot of angry customers to appease.



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