Lenovo to ship Windows 8 PCs with preloaded Start Menu App

The #1 undisputed problem people have against Windows 8 is that there’s no Start Menu.  In fact, it’s so annoying that a litany of developers have created their own Apps to add the Start Button and Menu back.  Stardock’s Start8 is one and there are others.

But today, Lenovo, the largest PC vendor in the world, entered into a global agreement with App distribution company SweetLabs, that allows SweetLabs to ship it’s popular Pokki Start Menu app with new Windows 8 powered Lenovo laptops.

Sweetlabs quickly developed the popular Pokki Start Menu App after it learned Windows 8 didn’t have a Start button.  The app has already been downloaded by millions of Windows users wistfully recalling the nirvana of their Start Menu days and now it’ll ship standard in Lenovo’s worldwide PC distribution.

Pater Gaucher, Executive Director of Software and Content Services at Lenovo shared his thoughts with Reuters:

Our collaboration with SweetLabs strikes the perfect balance between providing our customers great apps, and growing Lenovo’s business around app distribution. The Pokki software suite complements the Windows experience, and we’re excited to work with SweetLabs to open up new distribution opportunities for app developers across our devices worldwide

What do you think about this?  On the one hand the Start Menu replacement is a great addition to Windows 8, but with the Windows 8.1 update almost here which gives users the Start Button back, is a Start Menu app really necessary?


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