IDC research firm drops estimates for how many touchscreen laptops will be sold this year

According to analysts at the American marketing research firm IDC, touchscreen laptop sales will slump this year.

This could become the bane of Microsoft especially as it tries to gain market share with Windows 8 which was specifically crafted for touchscreen users.  The user experience in Windows 8 is awkward and cumbersome without touch.

In an exclusive interview with ComputerWorld, Bob O’Donnell, an IDC analyst, weighed in:

We forecast that 17% to 18% of all notebooks would have touch this year, but that now looks to be too high, to be honest.

IDC now proposes that between 10% and 15% of laptops will ship with touch this year.

Part of the decline is because consumers aren’t willing to spend the higher cost for a touchscreen especially when they can do everything they want from a traditional non-touch computer.  Touch on a laptop is more like a novelty and doesn’t offer many practical benefits.  People who want touch buy tablets not laptops.  In fact, PC shipments have been down by 14% year over year.  The atrophy of the PC market is exacerbated by the continual declining price of tablets.  As tablets become more affordable more people will buy tablets and as less buy tablets even less will see a need for the traditional PC.

The traditional PC is dead.  Does Microsoft realizes this or are they still trying to resuscitate a product in a dying industry?




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