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How to organize the Apps on your Galaxy S4 - fixedByVonnie

How to organize the Apps on your Galaxy S4

The other day while swiping through my Apps I realized a annoyance that keeps frustrating me but I’ve been too lazy to address it.

I’ve got dozens of Apps but none are organized in a way that makes sense.

All the default vendor installed Apps come first followed by my most recent installs.  But usually when I want to pull up an App like the Google Maps Navigator when I’m lost or Shazaam when I need to identify a song, I spend a few seconds swiping back and forth through the same screens.  That’s wasted time.  I don’t know about you but time is the most valuable thing I’ve got and I can’t get it back so I’m always happy anytime I figure out a trick to save time, even if it’s only a few seconds.

If your unorganized Apps bother you like it bothers me then it’ll behoove you to sort your apps alphabetically as a grid or list.

Thankfully you don’t need to download another free advertisement mucked up App just  to organize your apps, you just need to know where to touch your phone.

From the Home screen touch the Apps icon to display all your Apps.  Mark my workds: this is the last time your screen will look so illogical.

Galaxy S4 View Apps

Touch the Menu soft key to display a list of shortcuts.  It’s an unmarked key immediately to the left of the center Home button that becomes luminous when you touch it.

Now tap View Type from the Menu fly out.

Galaxy S4 View Type

Tap the bullet to Alphabetical Grid to alphabetically arrange the Apps in the familiar 4 columns by 5 rows grid.

Arrange Apps alphabetically

The other option, Alphabetically List, lists one App per row.  So instead of having four App icons per row you’ll have a single row per App like the view in your Contacts.

If you tap and drag your finger along the right edge of the screen you can quickly jump to the letter category that contains your App.  This list view is really neat and is actually both my current and favorite view because it lets me search through all your Apps just like I would search through your Contacts.

Galaxy S4 sort by alphabetical list

Galaxy View Apps Alphabetically like Contacts

Ahh…  finally, my Apps make sense and I can rest.


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  • Cheryl Weil

    THANK YOU! This has been driving me absolutely nuts since buying the S4.

  • Peter

    Excellent Vonnie. But now I need help organizing the folders automatically!

  • Steve DuMosch

    Hey vonnie, thanks for the tips. Really helpful. Is there also a way to type in a search field to find your apps? This is a nice feature on the iPhone that I have not yet found on the s4.

    • I’ve been thinking about this all day but haven’t found an answer either. If you find it before me please share. Thanks!

      • Steve DuMosch

        Thanks for thinking about it. perhaps it really doesn’t exist. I still have not found anything.

        • odaibasha

          You can search for anything on your phone by opening the Google app, search for whatever you’re looking for, then you can see a toolbar at the bottom of the screen which you can scroll to the right and then select Phone. (For some reason not all the apps show up on the results.)

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  • Bernadette Reigel Schane

    I will love you until the day I die! I couldn’t figure that one out…. Thank you!!

  • angela

    Some reason my apps won’t show when they are downloaded … Do u know what to do?

    • Hey Angela, along the top edge of the screen you should see a tab labeled Apps and Widgets. Directly to the right of Widget’s is a little down arrow above a horizontal line.

      If you touch the that down arrow thing you’ll see all your downloaded apps corralled in one place.

  • Stephanie Marie Jade Rawson

    Thank you. My apps were driving me crazy. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for taking the time to write this – sorting my apps alphabetically has been on my wish list for quite some time. I appreciate that you included screenshots and detailed descriptions as I stumbled upon a few other online resources before I found you that mentioned the “softkey” menu, but I didn’t understand what that meant.


    OMG I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you!

  • Diane Muscoreil

    Thank you!

  • is-it-seven-yet

    Thank you! “View type” didn’t seem like the right option so I was irritated at this too. Also, my galaxy tab 4 doesn’t even have that menu button but instead has the “recent apps” button. I found out that a long press on that acts like a menu button so I learned something new as well as how to arrange my apps (I just bought this thing yesterday lol). 🙂 Thankfully there was a menu icon on the screen itself as well.

  • Annie Paul

    Thank you, you have made my day.

  • Olivia Paisley

    You’re my hero dude!!!

  • Amit Tiwari

    Thanks a lot. This one was simple but difficlut to find. You made is so easy.

  • Kris

    Up to date version? :/