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Windows XP was hatched on August 24th 2001 yet it is still used by millions of people.  That’s impressive considering it’s initial release is over a decade old.

According to NetmarketShare, XP still accounts for 37.17% of the market.  Yes, Windows 7 eclipsed XP on August 12th of 2012 but XP is still ascendant and therefore still needs support.  Technically, Microsoft will continue to support Windows XP until April 8, 2014 because so many people still use it.  But there’s a caveat: Extended support is only available for commercial customers so everyone else needs to move to Windows 7 or newer.

And although no one is going to force you to move, if you inexorably cling to your beloved XP just realize that you won’t get any security updates; therefore, your computer will have security and compliance risks and limited hardware support for new peripherals.

But this is the thing: don’t get me wrong, I love Windows XP.  It was the greatest OS of it’s day; however, in a world of constant change and with stable operating systems like Windows 7 and 8 in existence, it doesn’t really make sense to live in the past.

I discovered my early resistance to move from XP to 7 was seated in a basic fear of change.

  • I became conversant with the Start Menu.
  • I grew to love Remote Desktop.
  • I felt warm and fuzzy inside when I inserted a CD and XP’s autoplay feature started the CD.

Now I’m feeling nostalgic, but one thing I didn’t miss were the incessant Blue Screens of Death (BSODs) I would randomly get for attaching a new peripheral or installing new software.

I’ve been using Windows 7 for three years now and have only experienced a Blue Screen of death four or five times.  If that sounds like a lot keep in mind that I’m always hacking and modifying my system so that’s pretty good.

The point I’m trying to make is that if you’re still using Windows XP don’t be afraid of Windows 7 or 8.  The change will feel dramatic at first but these newer OSs are substantively more stable and have wider device support than XP.  And besides, after April of next year Microsoft will abnegate all responsibility for XP so you might as well investigate the newer Windows before it’s too late.

Start with free video tutorials for Windows 7.

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