The Firefox OS Smartphone is Coming

Mozilla Firefox OS

Mozilla, the manufacturer of the beloved Firefox browser, announced today that it will launch new Firefox powered Smartphones.

Sstarting with Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom, Mozilla will begin rolling out these HTML5 phones regionally before expanding to other providers.  In fact, Mozilla already has a ton of hardware partners.

The phone will have everything you would expect from a smartphone like social features, email and maps.  For example, there’s native support for importing contacts from Facebook and with HEREMaps, you select a location and it shows you nearby shops and public transportation.

But there’s also a Firefox Marketplace and a new dynamic search tool that builds an App on the fly by aggregating data from multiple locations.  It kind of reminds me of universal search in Windows 8.1.

For example, if you type in Sushi, the phone displays a bunch of Apps with results for Sushi.  But you don’t need to download or install these Apps to see the results.  Just touch the App you want and you get the results instantly.

Christopher Lee, director of product, posted a five minute demo video of Firefox OS.  After you watch the video, check out the Firefox OS landing page and tell me what you think!

I think the Firefox OS is good news.  Honestly, I’m tired of iPhones and Droid and want more choices; hopefully Mozilla will bring that to the smartphone hungry inhabitants of America soon.


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