Opera 15 is here

Opera 15

Sabastian Baberowski of the Opera Desktop Team published a blog this morning explaining that the all-new Opera 15 for Mac and Windows is generally available for public consumption.  There’s a two-minute promotional video that shows off the creative side of the development team.  It’s nice; however, I wish it showed the browser more and people running through the woods less.

Here are the top five features:

  1. Speed dial lets you group content into folders
  2. The new Discover feature aggregates news and entertainment from around the world.
  3. Search leverages multiple providers for your query.
  4. Off Road compresses web pages so you can stay online when your network connection degrades
  5. Stash let’s you capture a page and retrieve it for later.

I love Opera for it’s great HTML5 and CSS3 support but haven’t used it simply because I’m more conversant with Firefox and Chrome.  But I think Opera is a great browser for one reason: it’s fast and easy to use.  What do you think?


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