Yahoo Kills Altavista in July

Today, Jay Rossiter, Executive VP of Platforms, officially announced that on July 8, 2013 AltaVista will be no more and that people should start using Yahoo Search instead.

I used to love Altavista in the mid-90s.  It was doing big things back then.  It had a fast multi-threaded crawler that indexed more web pages than its peers and its advanced hardware that made searches super efficient.  By advanced I mean 130GB of RAM recieving more than 13 million daily queries.  This was back in 1998 so I mean, that was pretty dang good.

But alas, Altavista’s 15 year reign comes to an abrupt end in just 10 days.  Sad but true… you might as well visit a few times before the site is closed down forever.

Altavista in October 1996 courtesy the waybackmachine

How do you feel about this?  Did you use Altavista in its heyday?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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