Why is VirtualBox only showing 32 bit guest versions on my 64 bit host OS?

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I experienced an extremely nettlesome problem after swapping out my traditional hard drive for a faster Solid State Drive (SSD).  I installed Windows 8.1 from scratch using the Product Key, copied over all my software (I probably should have used Ninite but I was too lazy) and then mindlessly enabled a bunch of options that I never enabled before.

But Alas! Stupidity has a cost and in my case it cost hours of discomfiting nights scouring Google for a solution.

Today I want to save you the pain I encountered by showing you how to fix a problem I experienced in VirtualBox.  This post is going to be succinct and to the point.

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2 ways to boost productivity by hacking the right-click menu

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Dream with me for a second: wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply right click a file and pick an option that instantly copied the contents to the clipboard?  Or can imagine adding new applications to the right-click menu?

Okay, maybe that’s not the idyllic dream you had in mind but it could still help.

Once upon a time people had to putz around with obscure registry settings to tweak the right-click menu; however, now you can beef up the right-click menu with a free and simple productivity tool called Right Click Tweaker.

Let me show you what I’m talking about because it’s time to beef up your right-click menu.

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3 ways to outsmart junkware like a champ

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Junkware is like the soot that clogs up the plumbing in your sink. Eventually the accretion of lime deposits, tangled hair and rust makes it impossible to use the sink.

Similarly, as you install various applications, it’s easy to unwittingly installed something you didn’t want.

It’s freggin’ annoying and sneaky.  I hate junkware and I hate the imbeciles who set installers to opt-in offers by default.  The sleight-of-hand is vexing.  Junkware is intrusive, disrespectful and just flat out wrong.

I’m an ardent advocate of a junkware free system; that’s why today – I’m going to turn you into a digital bottle of Drano.

After reading this article you’ll have the smarts to keep your PC free from junkware.  And who knows, maybe you’ll become a fervid evangelist for clean computers and you’ll share what you find here with your friends.

It’s time to get junkware aware.  Let’s go!

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How to make the Windows 8.1 Command Prompt Sexy

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In my mind, the command prompt is roughly tantamount to a PC tower case:

Its utility usurps its beauty.  

Let’s face it: most PC’s aren’t pretty; maybe yours in an exception but most of the PC’s I’ve seen emphasize function over form.

The command prompt is all about function.  You open that thing up, bang out a few commands and you’re done.

But I’m tired of using an ugly command prompt – and you should be too.  That’s why I’m going to show you how to make the prompt a little prettier on the eyes by adding color!

Check it out.

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Keep your computer spiffy with Clean Master for Windows

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I always use Clean Master Phone Boost on my Galaxy S4.

Almost every day, I tap and drag the little Clean Master broom icon across the screen which instantly frees up memory and cache.  I also like how the app warns me when my phone is getting too hot, protects my CPU by killing off battery munching apps and makes it super easy to uninstall apps that I haven’t used in a while.

Today, you can bring all the greatness of Clean Master Phone Boost to your Windows PC.  It’s 100%, installs in seconds and really seems to get the job done.

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