How to view started services from the command prompt

Image credit WKU Libraries via Flickr

Checking your running services from the command line in Windows is pretty easy.

Normally, IT administrators check Services from Administrative Tools. In Windows 8 and 8.1, it’s just a matter of pressing the Windows Logo Key + w and typing services.  But I have to ask: why should the graphical user interface get all the fame?

If you love working out of the command line, I’ve got a quick tip for viewing your started services from it.

Check it out.

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How to email large attachments

Image credit Dominique Godbout via Flickr

I’m such an impetuous guy.

When I have an email to send with a large attachment I just want it to go through.  I don’t care how large it is, I don’t care if the file extension is valid; I just want the magic of the interwebs to flutter my email off to the intended recipient so I can go about my day.

But I also realize everyone isn’t so rash.  Some users are more circumspect than others and are careful to trim attachments before sending.  Calmer, more staid users, realize that email servers can only transfer files so big before they start coughing up errors.

So what’s the deal?  What’s the maximum attachment size for email?  Is there an easy way to send large attachments over email?

Today I’m going to answer both questions and equip you with the knowledge you need to easily email your large files!

Let’s go!

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How to download an entire website

Image Credit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via Flickr

A few months ago I showed you how easy it is to download an entire website with wget for Windows.  Setup is straightforward and the command-line tool is a perennial favorite among power users.  But what should you do if the command line isn’t really your thing?

Thank God there’s another tool on the block that get’s the job done in a jiffy.  It’s called HTTrack and it’s amazing.

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How to force reboot or shutdown your Mac from the Keyboard

Image Credit Alexei Kuznetsov via Flickr

It’s Monday evening.


And you just finished a long day of work.  Now it’s time to take your Macbook home with you but then the inevitable happens.

Everything locks up!

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Why is VirtualBox only showing 32 bit guest versions on my 64 bit host OS?

Image Credit Artwear Revolution via Flickr

I experienced an extremely nettlesome problem after swapping out my traditional hard drive for a faster Solid State Drive (SSD).  I installed Windows 8.1 from scratch using the Product Key, copied over all my software (I probably should have used Ninite but I was too lazy) and then mindlessly enabled a bunch of options that I never enabled before.

But Alas! Stupidity has a cost and in my case it cost hours of discomfiting nights scouring Google for a solution.

Today I want to save you the pain I encountered by showing you how to fix a problem I experienced in VirtualBox.  This post is going to be succinct and to the point.

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