1 proven trick to try if you forgot your Windows password

Yes, it happens to all of us doesn’t it?  In a moment of exuberance, in the highlight of delight, at the apex of excitement… you attempt to login to your Windows box after months of inactivity, and well you can’t.

Access denied!!

And what makes things worse is you told yourself this would never happen to you.  Also, since there’s no external DVD or CD-ROM drive, you don’t have an easy way to boot up a recovery drive.

You’ve blazed through all known passwords… you’ve even tried cracking your own password but alas! You just can’t get in and you’re about to lose your mind.

In this quick tutorial, I’m going to show you one proven trick for gaining access to our beleaguered Windows machine.  And the best news is it’s easier than you think.

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This is the most authentic phishing site I’ve ever seen

There’s a new phishing site proof of concept on the block and I guarantee you it would trick you.  Think I’m kidding? Check this out.

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How to enable the secret Youtube Dark Mode in Chrome

So YouTube has a slick secret feature that let’s you change everything into a Dark Mode.  It’s currently not published by Google and only a few people know about it but it’s also awesome because it makes it easier to view the Youtube site (especially late at night when your eyes are already tired)

This shiz is awesome – let me show you how it works.

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How to take a screenshot in VirtualBox

How to take a Screen Shot in VirtualBox

Ah! taking screenshots in VirtualBox should be easy shouldn’t it?  It sounds like such a trivial task: just press the PrtSc button and bam! You’ve got your screenshot.

But what do you do when that simply button just doesn’t work the way you expected?

In this quick guide I’m going to show you how to take a screenshot in VirtualBox.  We are using Ubuntu 16 as our Guest VM.

Let’s jump in shall well!?

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Two ways to respond to the recent CIA and Vault7 Wikileaks exposures

In case you’ve been living in a cave without electricity for a few days, on March 7th, 2017, WikiLeaks leaked a collection of almost 9,000 documents allegedly from the CIA related to a project known as Vault7.  The CIA issued an official response on its website the following day.

Assuming the exposed documents actually do originate from the CIA, according to the NY Times, the document dump contains voluminous details on:

  • Wi-Fi networks
  • How to crash targeted computers
  • How to steal passwords using the autosuggestion feature built into IE

The Vault 7 collection also purportedly includes slides that suggest the CIA was able to leverage Samsung Smart TV’s to covertly record conversations even when the display and LED lights were off.

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