Is your free Anti-malware program giving you Malware?

Image Credit Brent Myers via Flickr

I care about you so I’ve got to ask the question:

How much do you trust your free antivirus and anti-malware software? Is it possible that the software you depend on to keep you safe is pulling a fast one on you?

How would you know?  Is there even a way to know?

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3 tips for taking better iPhone photos

Image Credit Karlis Dambrans via Flickr

I’m a fastidious photographer.

My personality isn’t so exacting in every other sphere of my life, but when it comes to taking pictures the lighting, composition and focus are imperative.  It doesn’t matter if I’m taking pictures with my Nikon D7000 or my iPhone 6 Plus.  In every case, I want my photos to look as sharp and compelling as possible.  I don’t always achieve this (as you’ll see with my crappy photos inside this article) but it’s always my goal.

The photo should engender an emotional response.  It should elicit an emotion in the eyes of the viewer but most importantly it should tell a story.

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FileHippo goobered my PC

Image Credit @Doug88888 Via Flickr

FileHippo, Softronic and are megamarts for snagging software but how safe are the goods?

Today I wanted to conduct a little experiment to see what would happen if I installed the top five programs from

The results were astounding…

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The real reason for Ctrl + Alt + Del

Image Credit Dibaday via Flickr

What’s the purpose of pressing Control, Alt Delete?

We all know it reboots or locks your box but have you ever wondered why you have to mash this famous key sequence at the login prompt?

Today we’re going to plumb the depths of Microsoft’s rationale and get to the bottom of Ctrl Alt Del.

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The intelligent way to bypass junkware with AntiAdware

Image credit Tim Reckmann via Flickr

Junk is everywhere.

  • My son’s diaper bin is a putrescent mass of funk.
  • My inbox is inundated with stupid offers to enlarge my penis and vexing invitations to date desperate dames in Russia.
  • The streets of New York City are replete with used Metrocards, cigarette butts and crumpled newspapers.

Junk is everywhere.

But one place I refuse to tolerate junk is my computer.  I won’t stand for it and neither should you.  A few days ago I showed you how to hack your way through the junkware jungle and today I’m going to arm you with even more tools to vanquish those unwanted offers.

Come with me… we’re going on a mission.

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