How To Protect Yourself from the Meltdown Bug

The Meltdown Bug affects every Intel processor since 1995 and allows an attack to steal passwords, cookies and sensitive information from your computer.  It’s going crazy all over the internet right now but I’ve got a slick Powershell trick you can use to verify your PC is protected.  Check it out here:


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Resolving Host? How to Fix This When Your Browser Is Stuck

Ok so for about a week my computer has been royally pissing me off in the worst way possible.  My laptop is a vertitable Porsche of a system.  32GB of RAM… Intel i7 Processor… 1TB SSD… it isn’t new but it’s a top of the line system and I take better care of my laptop than I do my own body (okay, that’s not entirely true… well maybe).  Today I met my match with a “Resolving Host” issue… let me explain.

The internet service we have at home is blazing.  Everything is fast. I’m not one of those stupid click-happy users who downloads spyware, malware and potentially unwanted programs.  I know how malware works (heck, I even reverse engineer it in my spare time using IDA PRO and gdb).  I’m not a novice or new user.  I pay attention to what I click.

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3 security mistakes you’re making right now with your online financial transactions

Yo!  Wassup, it’s your boy Vonnie again and I’ve got something new for you all.

How many of you login to your online bank to check your balance and ooogle over all the commas in your account?

Am I the only one that does that? The negative sign doesn’t count.

Today I have three security mistakes you’re making right now with your online financial transactions.  Let’s not waste anytime – let’s get right to it.

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The iPhone Hate Plus… I mean 8.

So a few weeks ago I traded in my iPhone 6 Plus for a iPhone 8 Plus and I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m not impressed.

The phone actually doesn’t feel like all that much of an improvement over the 6 Plus.

I was excited about recording video in 4K at 60fps because 4K looks amazing (just search YouTube for 4k videos and you’ll see what I mean) and 60fps is silky smooth.  I uploaded a few test videos to YouTube and was pretty impressed… although I had to figure out a bunch of hacks to get YouTube to preserve the 60fps frame rate.

But there’s a few things that really erk me man so I’m calling this blog post all about my iPhone Hate Plus.

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Configuring DNS Forwarders in Windows Server 2016

Last time we go together, we looked at installing the DNS server role to your Windows 2016 server.  Now we’re going to dive into configuration baby!

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