2 bad ass tricks to open the Command Prompt with Administrator Rights in Windows 8.1

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I can imagine a new book from Wiley Press: it’s called “How to impress your colleagues and look smart for Dummies”

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What the heck is this Virtualbox Guru Meditation error about?

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I have a penchant for VirtualBox because it gives me a playground for experimentation.

I can intentionally install viruses in the virtual machine (called the guest OS) with little fear of my real computer (the Host OS) getting infected.  I can install entire virtual networks with little trepidation of breaking my real network.  And I can test out different operating system before changing my Host OS to that OS.

It’s great.

But the other day something odd happened after I spun up my VM…

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Why do we have both MAC addresses and IP addresses?

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So here’s a question that really bothered me for the longest time:

Why do computers have both physical, MAC addresses and also IP addresses?  Why does your computer need two addresses to connect to a network?  Isn’t an IP address sufficient? What is a MAC address anyway?

This is going to be fun.  Keep reading for my enlightening explanation.

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Microsoft send invites for Windows 9 press event on September 30th

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The web is dripping from buckets of Windows 9 leaks these days…

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How to use Process Explorer like a Pro

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If the Windows Task Manager is a late model Nissan Altima then Process Explorer is a 2015 Nissan GTR Black Edition.

If the Windows Task Manager is your ex-girlfriend in middle school with the crater face, braces and fisher-price glasses then Process Explorer is that same girl 20 years later with the voluptuous curves, mesmerizing perfume and captivating eyes.

If the Windows Task Manager is a burger and fries from White Castle then Process Explorer is a savory slab of prime rib from Peter Luger’s steak house.

If the Windows Task Manager is … wait a second… hold up – you get the point right? In this guide I’m going to show you how to drive your processes like a Nissan GTR.  Let’s start the engines.

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