How can I change the hostname of my Mac?

Image Credit Benjamin Nagel via Flickr

If you have two Macs simultaneously connected to the same network, your Mac merriment can quickly turn sour if you have duplicate hostnames.

Your computer name, its hostname, needs to be unique so that you can communicate on the network.  So how can you view your hostname and then change it if needed?

Thank God this is pretty easy to pull off and by the end of this short article I think I’ll have your assent that it wasn’t as difficult as you imagined.

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How the internet has corrupted the world

Image Credit Gabriela Pinto via Flickr

Like everyone in the world I have a routine.

Every morning I lumber into work, march the alley to my desk, drop my bag to the floor, drop my ass in the seat and flip open my laptop lid to face a deluge of unwanted emails.

I usually start my day by checking the news.  I use Feedly to cull the top tech articles from a multifarious collection of sites.  Hackernews and Ars Technica are two of my favorites.

Today was no different than the previous 100 mornings; except I read a web comic on that stoked two concurrent emotions in my heart:

Laughter and sobriety.

I went from merriment to serious and then from serious to sad in about 15 seconds.

Here’s my story…

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Did you know Mac OS X has a secret terminal at the login screen?

fixedByVonnie Mac OS X Login Screen

There’s a faster way to access the terminal and it doesn’t involve logging into your Mac via the login screen.

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How to pair your Apple wireless keyboard with Windows 8.1

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Believe it or not, I’m typing this post from my Windows 8.1 PC, using my Bluetooth Apple Wireless Keyboard instead of my doltish wired Dell keyboard.

Here’s how I did it…

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How do I turn my Windows 8.1 laptop into a wireless hotspot?

Image credit WoodleyWonderWorks via Flickr

You’ve already figured out how to transform your mobile phone into a wireless hotspot and now you’re wondering if you can pull off the same trick with your laptop.

Today, I’m going to walk with you through each step.  We’re going to turn your little Windows 8.1 laptop into a mighty wireless hotspot.

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