How I shared an “unsharable” link from my Android

Image Credit Wlodi via Flickr

It was one of those things that I thought would be easy!

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3 extensions for pimping out VLC Player

The Matrix in VLC Player

Some celebrities (and wannabes) like to pimp out their rides with 20-inch rims, ground effects and pretentious sound systems.  But geeks don’t ride around on dubs.  For a geek, our ride is our computer.

I knew a guy who pimped out his computer with a liquid-cooling kit, custom aluminum case and dual video cards.  The setup was so sublime that it would have made Deamworks and Pixar blush.

The computer was a veritable masterpiece of human engineering and must have cost more than a small commercial aircraft.  It was amazing.  But this is the thing:

Sometimes we don’t want to overhaul our computers.  Rather than spending a fortune on new gear, we just want a tip or two for getting more value out of the software we use everyday. That’s why today I’m going to show you my top three extensions for everyone’s favorite media player: VLC Player.

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Is Avira Antivirus spying on you?

Image Credit Andrew Gustar via Flickr

Is it possible that your antivirus software is spying on you?

Most people don’t consider this question because we innately trust antivirus vendors to protect our interests, but is that always the case?

Today, I decided to conduct a little experiment to see if one the world’s most renown antivirus vendors was worthy of being trusted; here’s what I discovered…

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How to view a forgotten password in Firefox

Image credit bbcjk king via IU Photography via Flickr

You know all those times you’re surfing the web, logging into sites and clicking Remember password?  Well what happens if you forgot one of those passwords?  Do you need to reset the stored Firefox passwords or is there a way to view them?

Check this out…

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3 ways to organize the bookmark bar in Chrome

Image Credit Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr

Oh browser bookmarks!  Are they not the paradigm of digital neatness?  Everyone loves to bookmark interesting sites.

As we scour the web laughing at silly kitten captions, checking the latest news headlines or viewing viral videos on Vimeo, we tend to compulsively save compelling content to our bookmarks.   And we usually make the resolution to revisit those site but rarely do.

I think half of us never use our bookmarks and the other half want to use them but can’t find what they’re looking for because the bookmarks are disseminated across multiple folders.

Well today I’ve got some good news for you.  I’ll show you how to not only quickly organize your bookmarks but also make them prettier.  And we’re going to do this without using any browser extensions!

I can see the excitement in your eyes already.  Keep reading for my three tips to bookmark bliss.

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