5 kick ass tips for the Mail app in iOS 8.1

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The other day I was rushing to catch a train on the Long Island Railroad.

While standing on the platform, getting soaked in the rain, my train eventually arrived and the huge amorphous mass of people began to shuffle themselves into the cabin through the narrow entrance.

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How to mute audio tabs in Chrome

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You lumber your way into work, plop down in your chair and fire up your computer.  After it boots, you bang out a few emails and then open Chrome to check the latest headlines.

In between sips of coffee you suddenly find yourself on Youtube watching videos of choleric cats and talking cats.

After losing a few brain cells watching those fatuous videos, you shift gears into work mode and try to get some real stuff done.  However, you keep hearing an ad in the background and you’re not sure where it’s coming from.

And it’s really grating your nerves by now.   In fact, you’re starting to feel as choleric as that cat in the silly Youtube video…

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5 features everyone wants to see in Windows 10

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A few days ago I candidly expressed my feelings on why I thought Windows 10 is the answer to the wrong question.  A few months before that, I talked about why I think Microsoft is poised to fail.

Well today I want to show you a propitious sign that seems to indicate that Microsoft cares about what we have to say.

Microsoft is using the feedback system from uservoice.com to see the top complaints people have against Windows 10.

I bet you 100 bit coins that you can’t guess what the biggest complaint is.

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How to add tabbed browsing to Explorer in Windows 8

QtTabBar in Action

I know Windows is called windows for a reason: it’s an operating system with multiple windows – duh I get that - but sometimes managing all those windows can become onerous.

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How to quickly restart explorer.exe in Windows 10

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Oh no!

Your computer is frozen but you can’t spare a minute to wait for a reboot. Is there a quick way to reboot the operating system without actually rebooting the entire computer?


Today I want to show you an arcane little trick for rebooting the computer without actually rebooting it.

I first showed you this trick in a post I did last year with Windows 7 and I’m happy to tell you that it also works in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

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